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Chimpanzee trekking safaris, tours and holiday packages

Chimpanzee trekking safaris, tours and holiday packages

Planning a great safari on your own may seem pretty easy but to plan that lifetime safari to trek Chimpanzees in Uganda may require experts’ advice, our East African safari consultants have travelled extensive through Uganda and they know what to offer to our clients at the best prices and also that personal touch is paramount while planning a safari to Uganda.

We arrange from short chimpanzee trekking safaris combined with gorillas, wildlife and adventures we pay attention to our clients small details to give them memorable experience with Endless plains Africa Limited.

Chimpanzee trekking in Uganda can be done in Kibale forest national park which is probably the best place to see chimpanzees in Africa, the Kanyanchu community which consists of 1200 chimpanzees is one of the best known habituated chimpanzee families in Uganda, other places include Kyambura gorge in Queen Elizabeth national park, Kalinzu central forest reserve near QENP and Budongo forest reserve in Murchison falls national park, the estimate population of chimpanzees in Uganda is over 1800 making it a great destination to take primate holidays as Uganda is also popular for mountain gorillas and golden monkeys.

Uganda can be visited any time of the year for chimpanzee trekking experience, guests planning a safari to encounter the chimpanzees will have to significantly take note of when they need to travel because Uganda experiences 2 seasons. These are the dry and wet seasons with dry season starting from June to September and December to February. The wet/ rainy season on the other hand kick starts from March to May and from October to November. The rainy or wet season is usually characterized by heavy rainfall but incredible for bird watching and wildlife safaris in Murchison falls national park and Queen Elizabeth national park when the grass is green providing incredible sightings and phenomenal landscapes.