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Sudan or North Sudan, officially the Republic of Sudan, is a country in Northeast Africa. It is bordered by Egypt to the north, Libya to the northwest, Chad to the west, the Central African Republic to the Southeast, Ethiopia to the southeast and Eritrea to the East, and the red sea to the Northeast.

Khartoum, Arabic Al-Khurṭūm, (“Elephant’s Trunk”), city, the executive capital of Sudan, just south of the confluence of the Blue and White Nile rivers. It has bridge connections with its sister towns, Khartoum North and Omdurman, with which it forms Sudan’s largest conurbation.

Besides the negativity that is portrayed in the News, this Arabic country has a lot of things that will keep you entertained all throughout your stay and most of these will be connected to the ancient Greeks and Romans and not forgetting the Nubian empire that ruled over the country from the BC years until when the colonialists came along.

Sudan is home to quite a number of pyramids making it the one country that has more pyramids in that it surpass its neighboring country Egypt. It is not easy to travel to Sudan but if you book online and before you travel, you will find everything ready although you must note that the rides will be a bit bumpy due to the underdeveloped transportation system in the country.

How to get to Sudan

Port Sudan New International Airport is an airport serving Port Sudan, Sudan. Located 20 kilometers south of the city, PZU is the second largest international airport in Sudan in terms of air traffic and international destinations served. Port Sudan New International Airport is a full member of the IATA as of 2014 travelers traveling to Sudan can consider flying Emirates Airlines, Turkish Airlines, and Qatar Airways.

Passport, Visa, and Entry requirements for Sudan

The Government of the Republic of Sudan requires most citizens to present a passport with at least six months validity, and an entry visa or entry permit upon arrival at any port of entry in Sudan please contact your embassy before traveling to Sudan.

The health sector of Sudan

In spite of the presence of Social Health Insurance and Private Health Insurance in Sudan, the country is still far from achieving universal coverage. Moreover, the sustainability of health insurance is questionable we strongly advise travelers traveling to Sudan to pack a basic medical kit and also purchase medical insurance before traveling to Sudan.

Malaria and Yellow fever vaccination for Sudan

Yellow fever vaccination is recommended for almost all travelers entering Sudan. Malaria is also present in the country. Antimalarials should be taken before, during, and after your trip. Meningitis is also a threat to travelers, especially from December to June.

Malaria constitutes a major public health problem in Sudan. Almost, 75% of the population is at risk of developing malaria. Malaria transmission is unstable putting the whole country at the risk of a malaria epidemic.

Currency of Sudan

The Sudanese pound is the basic unit of the Republic of Sudan. The pound consists of 100 piasters. The pound is issued by the Central Bank of Sudan. Its value is linked to gold and convertible into foreign currencies to ensure you travel with both cash and credit card to Sudan

Official Language of Sudan

Sudan is a multilingual country dominated by Sudanese Arabic. In the 2005 constitution of the Republic of Sudan, the official languages of Sudan are Literary Arabic and English.

Best time to travel to Sudan

The best time to visit Sudan is from December to February, when temperatures “drop” to around 30°C, but nights can be around half that – which is a welcome relief. May to September is simply too cauldron-like, although there are bargains to be found in October.

What to wear in Sudan

A long skirt or pants are most appropriate, with a loose-fitting shirt — such as a breezy tunic on top. Wearing a traditional robe with a headscarf can help you blend in; inexpensive djellabas are available in many local shops.

What to bring while traveling to Sudan

Sudan is a very hot country and packing well before traveling to Sudan is key

  • US dollars and euros (cash only)
  • Two-pin continental Europe travel plug.
  • Dozens of copies of your passport.
  • Passport photos.
  • Sanitary pads and toilet paper.
  • Arabic phrasebook.
  • Phone and laptop – Wi-Fi is widespread in Sudan.
  • Walking shoes.

Car hire and driving in Sudan

Most car rental agencies necessitate rentals with a driver and due to some communication problems we had no idea that we’d hired a car that was limited to 100km per day and that wasn’t allowed to leave Khartoum!

But it’s not a good idea to self-drive in Sudan please do not try

Accommodation in Sudan

Accommodation is not plentiful in Sudan (there is not much in the way of safari lodges or resorts), but there is nevertheless a good and growing range that stretches from the luxury to the gloriously basic to the utterly wild.

Check for accommodation facilities where you intent to travel before traveling.

Local food of Sudan

A popular dish is a stew named (Kajaik), which is cooked with dried fish. It is added to the porridge, which common throughout Sudan, (Aseeda) is made of sorghum.

Tipping while Travelling in Sudan

To give tipping, baksheesh is commonplace and customary in Sudan. However, it is always optional. Do not feel pressured to tip any particular service and any particular amount! The salaries of our logistics staff are above average – paying fair wages is an integral part of our pricing policy. Still, there is a steep divide in the level of affluence between international tourists and local staff, or almost all other Sudanese. If you enjoyed the tour or any particular service provided, you may express this with a tip reflecting your personal budget.

Further information for Sudan

Sudan has been hit hard and unfairly by financial sanctions placed on it by America. This means that they cannot have access to any Visa or MasterCard payments and that in fact they pretty much cannot do business with the outside world. This makes it incredibly difficult for tourists to pre-book anything before they set foot in the country which is a nuisance for both the business & the buyer!

Some of the issues we faced were businesses with little or no access to the internet, no websites, out-of-date phone numbers, no means of contact, no ability to pre-book, and general difficulty in pre-planning any travel.

Safety of Sudan

Sudan has long been beset by conflict. Two rounds of north-south civil war cost the lives of 1.5 million people, and a continuing conflict in the western region of Darfur has driven two million people from their homes and killed more than 200,000.

But tourism areas are not part of the civil wars and we strongly recommend travelers wanting to travel to Sudan to use a safari operator that will give them updated travel information before traveling.


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