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South Sudan, officially known as the Republic of South Sudan, is a landlocked country in East-Central Africa.

Although South Sudan is a newly established independent country, it is blessed with a variety of tourist attractions that include a variety of faunas and vegetation cover. The country has the spectacular great River Nile flowing gently through it, on which various water sports can be enjoyed, a vast wetland that is inhabited by numerous birds plus many more attractions. The list below highlights some of the best tourist attractions in the country.

Although South Sudan is blessed with six national parks there is a challenge of infrastructures that can enable visitors to access these parks and animals’ have a seasonal migration from South Sudan to neighbouring countries, so the time of exploring south Sudan tribes is different from that of visiting wildlife. In case you’re interested in an extensive wildlife adventure we recommend you for an extension tour to Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania for a better experience.

How to get to South Sudan

Juba Airport is an airport serving Juba, the capital city of South Sudan. The airport is located 5 km (3 mi) northeast of the city’s central business district, on the western banks of the White Nile.

Airlines operating flights to South Sudan include Egypt air ( from Cairo; Ethiopian Airlines ( from Addis Ababa; flydubai ( from Dubai, Fly540 ( and Kenya Airways ( from Nairobi; and Rwandair ( from Kigali.

Passport, Visa and Entry requirements for South Sudan

Your physical passport must be valid for at least 180 days from the date of arrival in South Sudan and the Application Form must be completed and signed by the applicant.

Nationals holding South Sudanese Passports do not need to acquire a visa to travel to South Sudan. Most Nationals will require a visa and must fulfil all the necessary procedures.

The health sector of South Sudan

South Sudan has a health system structured with three tiers: Primary Health Care Units (PHCU), Primary Health Care Centres (PHCC) and Hospitals (which exist as a state, county, police or military). The structures in health services delivery are in the order of the community, primary, secondary and tertiary levels but due to the ongoing political instabilities in the country the health care delivery has become very strained and travellers must purchase medical insurance before travelling to South Sudan.

Malaria and Yellow fever vaccination for South Sudan

A yellow fever vaccination certificate is required for all travellers aged 9 months or over. Malaria is a major health problem in South Sudan. The peak period of transmission is during the rainy season – mainly April to October falciparum is the dominant species of parasite and responsible for more than 90% of the cases (and for all cases of cerebral malaria) in South Sudan.

The currency of South Sudan

The South Sudanese pound (ISO 4217 code: SSP) is the official currency of the Republic of South Sudan. Travellers intending to travel to South Sudan must ensure they carry enough cash as there are limited ATM card machines and the use of credit card is rare.

Official Language of South Sudan

Sudan’s official languages are Arabic and English. However, English is only spoken by educated people. The total number of languages used in Sudan is over 50 the most used languages are Arabic in the north, east, west and middle regions, and tribal languages in the whole country.

Best time to travel to South Sudan

The best time to go to South Sudan is December to early February. You’ll barely see a drop of rain at the beginning of the year when dawn-to-dusk sunshine and hot – but not quite sizzling – temperatures rule the roost.

What to wear in South Sudan

With regards to dress, South Sudanese men will dress formally (dress shirt, possibly jacket and tie). South Sudanese women will also dress nicely, however less formally. The style for women is more geared towards shirt and skirt or dresses (with uncovered arms suitable for less formal meetings).

What to bring while travelling to South Sudan

South Sudan lies in the desert and some parts are pretty hot and packing wise is very important

  • Thin short sleeve shirts.
  • Tank tops.
  • High-SPF sunscreen lotion.
  • Skirts.
  • Light dresses.
  • Sandals.
  • Thin pants, such as light khakis.
  • Light shorts.

Car hire and driving in South Sudan

Few Roads outside the capital are paved and most, including those in Juba, isn’t well maintained, most are dirt tracks that will deteriorate rapidly after rain. Only main roads in towns are lit, and many vehicles have poor or no lighting so nighttime driving should be avoided.  South Sudan’s roads are mostly unpaved but were improved in the years following independence. There were satisfactory roads to the Ugandan and Kenyan borders. In addition, the government built a gravel all-weather road east of Juba that reaches the Kenyan border. However, all of these roads have now been mined and bridges destroyed so self-drive is very dangerous in south Sudan.

Accommodation in South Sudan

Juba was named the regional capital and, when the region seceded in 2011, Juba became the capital of the newly independent country of South Sudan you will find decent accommodation in the main capital but if travel more remote don’t expect any sort of accommodation we recommend travelling with your camping equipment.

Local food of South Sudan

Ful medames is known as the national dish of Sudan. It is a delicious fava bean dish usually served with boiled eggs and bread and is typically eaten for breakfast.

Tipping while Travelling in South Sudan

South Sudan has suffered series of civil wars over the past decades and this has made the country unpopular in terms of tourism but if you are travelling in South Sudan feel free to Tip and we recommend 10 % for restaurants and about 20% for site guides and drivers per day.

Further information for South Sudan

South Sudan is a landlocked country in east-central Africa with Juba as its capital city. South Sudan gained independence on July 9, 2011, after a referendum on independence passed with overwhelming support.

Safety of South Sudan

Currently, travellers are advised to avoid all travel to South Sudan, due to armed conflicts, inter-ethnic violence and high levels of violent crime. If you are travelling for work-related issues do so but restrict your movements and keep abreast of the latest developments.


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