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    Algeria Safari Tours & Holidays

    Algeria is a North African country with a Mediterranean coastline and a Saharan desert interior. Many empires have left legacies here, such as the ancient Roman ruins in seaside Tipaza. In the capital, Algiers, Ottoman landmarks like circa-1612 Ketchaoua Mosque line the hillside Casbah quarter, with its narrow alleys and stairways. The city’s Neo-Byzantine basilica Notre Dame d’Afrique dates to French colonial rule.

    From French colonialism to Roman ruins, Algeria holidays help extend Africa’s largest country way beyond any preconceived misconceptions. Algiers, Constantine and Oran all contain a bewildering blend of Islamic architecture and forgotten fortresses whilst the UNESCO sites of Timgad, Djemila and Tipasa make for a fascinating itinerary all just a skip and a jump from Andalucía and mainland Europe.

    How to get to Algeria

    Houari Boumediene Airport, also known as Algiers Airport or Algiers International Airport, is the main international airport serving Algiers, the capital of Algeria. It is located 9.1 NM east southeast of the city. The airport is named after Houari Boumediene, a former president of Algeria.

    Some of the airlines offer direct flights to Algeria and those include Air Algerie, Air France, Turkish Airlines, Trans via France, Vueling Airlines, Iberia, KLM and Kenya Airways all fly direct to Algeria.

    Passport, Visa and Entry requirements for Algeria

    Visitors to Algeria must obtain a visa from one of the Algerian diplomatic missions unless they come from one of the visa-exempt countries. All visitors must hold a passport valid for 6 months from the date of entry into Algeria.

    The health sector of Algeria

    Health care is heavily subsidised in Algeria in line with the introduction of a national health care system in 1975. Most services are free for citizens at public hospitals and clinics, and the cost of most medicinal purchases is reimbursed by the government. However, this may not be free for foreign travellers so ensure you purchase travel insurance before travelling to Algeria

    Malaria and Yellow fever vaccination for Algeria

    There is no risk of yellow fever in Algeria. But, the government of Algeria requires proof of yellow fever vaccination if one is lives in or has visited a country with yellow fever.

    Algeria was officially certified by” WHO” as malaria-free on 22 May 2019 but sleeping under the net may be a good idea while in the desert.

    Currency of Algeria

    The dinar is the monetary currency of Algeria while travelling to Algeria you can take new banknotes of Euros and US dollars that you can exchange while in Algeria and credit cards can also be used in the country.

    Official Language of Algeria

    Arabic became the official national language of Algeria in 1990, and most Algerians speak one of several dialects of vernacular Arabic. These are generally similar to dialects spoken in adjacent areas of Morocco and Tunisia.

    Best time to travel to Algeria

    The best time to visit Algeria is the months of March and those between October and November when the days are cool and sunny. Even mid-winter can be a good time, even if the desert night temperatures are extremely low.

    What to wear in Algeria

    Algerians generally dress the same as Europeans, so for work, it is recommended to wear dark, professional jackets and slacks. For women, there is no set dress code, but they should avoid wearing short skirts and low-cut blouses.

    What to bring while travelling to Algeria

    Algeria is an adventurous destination and travellers should ensure that they pack wise below are some of the important items.

    • Sun hat if visiting the north in summer or the Sahara at anytime
    • Warm clothes if visiting in winter, spring or autumn
    • Water bottle
    • Good walking shoes for pacing around ancient Roman sites
    • Cash in euros
    • Camera
    • Spear battery
    • Charging plug fit for Algeria

    Car hire and driving in Algeria

    Touring Algeria by car is the best way to enjoy the country and its beautiful landscapes. However, driving in Algeria can be intimidating given the reputation of Algerian drivers.

    To get the best of your vacation just hire a car with a driver who is knowledgeable about driving in Algeria.

    Accommodation in Algeria

    Algiers, French Alger, Arabic Al-Jazāʾir, capital and chief seaport of Algeria. It is the political, economic, and cultural centre of the country where there is plenty of accommodation but when you start heading to the desert ensure you pre-book accommodation services before travelling to avoid disappointments.

    Local food of Algeria


    Often considered the national dish of Algeria, Couscous is a perfect complement to any meal. This dish is composed of small pellets of steamed semolina topped with meat, vegetables, and various spices. In Algeria, the most popular meat and vegetable accompaniments for this meal include chicken, carrots and chickpeas.

    Tipping while Travelling in Algeria

    Restaurants: You should tip 10% of the total to the waiter. Bars: Though you might not see many bars, you should tip also 10% of your total to the bartender. Other: If you take a guide on any part of your trip you should tip him about 10-15% as well based on the experience.

    Further information for Algeria

    Hotels in Algeria are very expensive, in comparison with living costs in the country. As mass tourism does not exist in Algeria, competition is low and hotels can impose the price they wish. They host a lot of people coming for business or tourists from organised tours.

    Safety of Algeria

    Algeria has improved in safety immensely in recent years and for much of the country, there are no significant safety issues. However, the lack of foreign visitors means that you will stand out in a crowd and so it still pays to exercise caution.


    Alhaggar National Park
    Belezma National Park
    Djebel Aissa National Park
    Chrea National Park
    Djurdjura National Park
    El Kala National Park
    Gouraya National Park
    Taza National Park
    Theniet El Had National Park
    Tlemcen National Park




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