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Nile perch, Cat fish fishing trips, tours and holiday packages

Nile perch, Cat fish fishing trips, tours and holiday packages

Fishing is a sport for those that know the game, it involves many aspects from which species of fish exist in that particular water body, which bait to each species go for quickly, which equipment to use and how to set it up and what is the rule of sportsmanship, meaning only once fishing guides can help plan a fishing safari successful.

Our fishing safari enquiries are answered by our expert’s guides meaning you will have first hands information and updated travel advice while planning your vacation to Uganda for extreme fishing safari.

Lake Victoria is slightly easier to fish in simply because you will use trolling system with deep diver lures which already have treble hooks where the fish is hooked automatically hence less tactics is required except while fighting the fish but for Murchison falls national park there are 2 types of fishing first one is casting Lures this will require significant amount of energy as you will casting by hand using casting reels and jigging sometimes and also live bait fishing which requires an extreme level of expertise as you have count until the Nile perch or the cat fish swallows the fish and then set the Drag in order to place the hook in the right place and also with high chances of hooking massive fish you will have to ensure that your drag is controlled to avoid the fish from snapping the line if it’s a big fish, usually the skippers are quick to sense if the fish is big so they can push the boat off the banks so that you can float down to gain more line during the fight.

We do offer short or longer fishing expeditions on Lake Victoria for Nile perch and on Nile River in Murchison falls for Nile perch and Cat fish and our tours can be combines with other safaris like Chimpanzees, wildlife and Gorillas if you would wish to add them on as part of your Uganda safari holiday.