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Best time to go fishing in Uganda for Nile perch & Cat fish

Best time to go fishing in Uganda for Nile perch and Cat fish

Casting Lures at the base of Murchison falls in the hot sunshine, sitting down the devils pool with a bottle of Nile special in a sunset with your bait in the water or motoring around the islands of Lake Victoria is probably one of the most undisputed adventure sports in Uganda

Fighting big Nile perch in the rapids big cat fish in the open water is a top safari dream for angler planning a fishing safari in Uganda.

Fishing in Uganda is done in the two major water bodies, Lake Victoria which is Africa’s largest fresh water body and the Nile River which starts its course from Jinja and drifts through the rapids in Karuma and then Murchison falls where the national park starts making that area a great breeding site for the perch as there is no commercial fishing permitted.

When to go

Fishing in Uganda is at its pick during the dry season when the water level have dropped slightly and the water is more clear opposed to Rainy season when the water is muddy and a lot of floating islands come down stream making it hard to fish.

So the best time for fishing in Uganda is from July to September and from December to February when the country received its dry spells and fishing for Nile perch and Cat fish is phenomenal.


This time of the year collides with the summer holidays in Europe and there are usually many tourists and boats get booked up quite quickly and if you are really in to fishing on the Nile or Lake Victoria we recommend booking slightly early to avoid disappointments to your dream fishing safari.

And also there very few professional fishing guides in Uganda at Endless plains Africa we have 2 of the best fishing guides in Uganda and we really recommend booking in time to get the best guides for your fishing safari adventure.