Africa | Uganda | Best fishing tackle for Nile perch

Africa | Uganda | Best fishing tackle for Nile perch

Nile perch can grow up to 250 pounds in Uganda and a mature a female Nile perch can produce up to 16 million eggs at a time, the fish is very strong and it can pause a very serious fight to most of the Anglers and they tent to Jump 3 times before they get close to the boat for landing.

Bring the Right Equipment can be a very best step one will take while planning a Nile perch fishing safari in Uganda.

Here is the comprehensive Guide to what to Bring for Nile perch fishing In Uganda.

On our organized fishing safaris we do provide all Equipment required except lures please ensure you bring your own lures if travelling with us for a fishing safari.

Equipment for big game fishing in Uganda

Fishing Rod

There are very many rods in the market but if you’re planning for Nile perch fishing in Uganda then we recommend a fiber glass road of 10-12 feet joinable with a curve of 3.5-4 pounds.

Fishing Reels

Usually we recommend clients to bring two types of reels, one a casting reel which you can use for casting Lures and Multiple reel for bottom fishing (with baits ).

We recommend Reels that are 10/0 and larger are considered true big game fishing reels. Most companies make reels in 10/0, 12/0, 14/0, and 16/0 sizes please choose what can hold a fish between 15kgs up to 100 kgs I would go medium size for casting and heavy for bait fishing.

Fishing monofilament Line

We recommend bringing a nylon monofilament with break strength of 30-40 pounds for casting reel and a bread line of the same size for multiple reels for bottom fishing.


We recommend Rolling Barrel Fishing Swivel by Goture please choose what is bigger for big game fishing.

Leader lines

The best leader line are usually between 80-100 pounds break strength as there are rocks and logs in the River and the fish sometimes drag you in to those areas.

Weight sinkers

We recommend weight sinkers between A 2 and 3 depending on how they are graded in your country for more information please call our experts for detailed information it’s important to note that the Nile is shallow.

Circle hooks

Depending on what you prefer but we recommend using circle hooks sizes from 10 and 20 for big game, however it can be tricky please inquire for fish that weights between 15 kgs to 100 kgs or contact us for more information.


For balloons any color is good however there is white foam at the base of the Murchison falls please bring colorful balloons so that you don’t lose track of your bait.

Lake Lures

This can be very interesting as you will need different lures for trolling on the Lake opposed to casting in the River however we recommend Rapala-Xrap-magnum deep sea fishing lure please choose bright colours avoid dull colours as the water colors differ.

River Lures

The Nile River in Murchison Falls is shallow and we recommend bring super shad rap SSR14 hot perch lures.

Fish weighing chart

Due to the fact that weighing scales are the best way to weigh fish Uganda recorded a lot of fish deaths hence introducing a fishing weight chat where you weigh the length and girth measurements using a measuring tape and use the graph to determine the size of the Fish (we do provide this to our clients).

Measuring Tape

We recommend a portable measuring tape for easy carrying.

Other essentials include:
  • Leather man with pliers
  • Gloves
  • Bait Buckets
  • Khaki quick dry pants and shirts
  • Hut or a cap
  • Insect repellant
  • Sun screen
  • UV sun glasses
  • Camera with spear batteries and SD Cards
For Live bait
  • Small bait rod
  • Bait reel
  • Small bait line
  • split shorts
  • Floaters
  • Small circle hooks
  • Sweet corn