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Malawi safaris, tours and holiday packages

Malawi safaris, tours and holiday packages

Malawi being a small country located in Southern Africa, this beautiful country is landlocked and bordered by Mozambique, Zambia, and Tanzania. Though it is over-showed by its neighboring countries it is still a top destination to visit for both beach and wildlife.

Malawi is a destination favorable for all types of travelers ranging from first-timers to family and season travelers, safari prices range from high-end luxury safaris to standard comfortable safaris and budget safaris.

Our Malawi safari experts have traveled the country extensively and have a very excellent idea of where and when to go on safari making it easier for our clients to have the best experience based on experts’ advice.

Malawi being a favorable destination for beach holidays, the country’s lush topography from plateaus to open savannahs supports massive wildlife habitats and birds making it a great destination for a vacation.


Our suggested safari packages are handpicked by our experts to give you the best experience but we are always open to client’s suggestions, our consultants will always pay attention to small details and requests

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Safari Packages for Malawi