Tour operators in Malawi

Tour operators in Malawi

Malawi is a great adventure destination for all types of travelers who can opt for the traditional 4WD vehicle (usually are open) to enjoy the game drives or go on a walking safari to have a better opportunity to explore the national parks on foot and share off their fear by facing wildlife face to face as well as up close. Other alternatives comprise boat safaris on river Shire, Lake Malawi. This is a magnificent way to observe the animals in close proximity. You can glide close to large schools of hippos and as well observe the elephants drinking only a few meters away. Other encounters can be experienced, for instance, when tracking the huge elephant of Majete. The well-known horseback safaris offer an opportunity to trip alongside the zebras and antelopes.

It is hard to find several countries that can match up Malawi as a bird-watching destination. A small number certainly will come close to the variety of species that can be found and yet fewer have such simplicity of viewing them.

Travel Agent or Tour operator

The difference is that the tour operator creates packages and sells them either to the consumer or the travel agent. Whereas, the travel agent only sells the packages on behalf of the tour operator and does not create packages by saying that Wilderness Explorers Africa and Crafted Africa are your leading travel agent and tour operators for Malawi safaris.


We highly recommend traveling with a tour operator or Travel Agent as there can be a lot of information online but the level of service varies quite a lot amongst the tour operators and this is where we will deliver as promised, with Experience in over 50 Countries across Africa we are guaranteed to deliver high-quality expedition to Malawi.