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Best places to stay in Republic of Congo or Brazzaville

Best places to stay in Republic of Congo or Brazzaville

Located in central Africa, crossed by the Equator Republic of Congo has a very low turn up of tourists and accommodation is still a big problem in the developing central African nation. Our Africa travel experts have carefully selected expedition lodges for your adventure to the Republic of Congo.

Pre safari accommodation

Brazzaville being the main capital of the Republic of Congo all international arriving flights enter through Maya-Maya international airport and Brazzaville is the perfect base for your pre safari accommodation for this vibrant city we chose.
  • The Radisson Blu M'Bamou Palace Hotel: The Radisson Blu M'Bamou Palace Hotel offers a prime location on the banks of the famous Congo River in Brazzaville's central business district. As the capital of the Republic of Congo, Brazzaville hosts hundreds of business visitors who can choose from our 178 guest rooms, including Presidential Suites and the Penthouse apartment.

During the expedition

Currently, our experts are only offering expeditions to Odzala kokoua national park which has the highest concentration of western lowland gorillas known this area has 3 strategic camps tucked in this incredible rainforest perfect for your gorilla trekking expedition.
  • Lango Camp: Lango camp has six guest rooms are raised to the level of the surrounding gallery forest, giving incredible views out onto the open marshy bai in front of the Camp one of the most arresting views of any Camp in Africa.
  • Mboko camp: Mboko camp provides you with spectacular star-viewing opportunities before you fall asleep to the sounds of life-giving water flowing to meet the Congo River, and also offers access to nearby villages on the fringes of the Park.
  • Ngaga Camp: Ngaga Camp, located just outside the park boundary in the Ndzehe concession, overlooks a beautiful open glade within a primary forest above a forest stream. The Camp is situated within the overlapping home ranges of several groups of western lowland gorillas, two of which are habituated.
Note: However, our experts are always ready to tailor an expedition to suite your interest this may involve providing a mobile camp and all the necessary travel requirements for your expedition.  


Lango Camp


Mboko Camp


Ngaga Camp


The Radisson Blu M'Bamou Palace Hotel