What to pack for a birding trip in Uganda

What to pack for a birding trip in Uganda

Packing the right equipment for your birding safari in Uganda is perhaps one of the highlights of a successful birding safari holiday, birding in Uganda is done in remote areas where there is less or no access to equipment should you miss out on some after arriving in the Country.

Identifying the right pair of Binoculars is the first gate way to your success as Uganda is a top destination for LBJ which might need some good pair of binoculars to identify them in some of the high forest canopies of Uganda.

Birding Equipment

For the birding equipment most of the time our guides will have a telescope binoculars, lesser pointers we recommend our clients to bring.

  • Binocular
  • A good pair of binoculars preferably 10 x42 and good quality and water proof with the back strap instead of the normal strips.

  • Good camera
  • If you’re going to go deep in the photography during the trip then it’s better to bring a good camera with enough zoom and long lenses for forest birding, spare batteries and SD Cards.

  • A bird book
  • We recommend purchasing the e-book for birds of East Africa as the book maybe heavy to carry and also in case of rains it may be difficult to keep but our guide will have one which you can use during your check list in the evening.

  • Head Lamp
  • Usually we will have early mornings and late evening for birding trips so we recommend bringing a head lamp that you can use at the camps to walk to places in the dark.

  • Good portable torch for night drives
  • Usually during night drives for night jars and owls we will recommend you bring a small portal torch with you to help you look out for birds.

  • Note book and Pen
  • During the course of the trip you may need to take notes and this will help you for purpose of record keeping.

    What to wear

    Right dressing code is key for birding safari in Uganda; our experts highly recommend packing nature friendly colours to avoid scaring birds once you in the deep forest cover.

  • A cap or a hut
  • The sunshine can be at its peak during the day and the cap or the hut can help to reduce direct sunlight.

  • Long sleeved shirts and pants
  • We recommend long sleeved shirts most preferably khaki colours and long pants and they should be quick dry as morning hours can be wet with dew or even when you walk in to the swamps.

  • Long stockings with gaiters
  • Forest birding is quite challenging like Semuliki, Kibale , Bwindi and Mgahinga, there are biting insects like safari aunts we recommend tucking in your pants in to the stockings and covering it with gaiters on the top to give you extra protection and also protect your pants from mud.

  • Good hiking boots
  • The most important thing is the traction we recommend packing water proof hiking boots as you may not have a lot of time to dry staff in course of the trip.

  • Portal ponchos for rain
  • We really recommend bringing the portal ponchos which you can easily stuck anywhere in your bag pack opposed to a rain jacket that may need more space in your bag.

  • A bag pack
  • Just like for most days you will need enough space to pack water and packed sandwiches for the day so a medium sized bag pack will be perfect.

    NB: For any further information please feel free to contact our Africa travel specialist for more comprehensive expert’s advice about birding in Uganda.