Uganda birding and bird watching tour packages

Uganda birding and bird watching tour packages

Just like specialized safari adventures like fishing, filming ,photography, rafting that needs to be accompanied by an expert guide, Birding in Uganda is really a tricky one to plan and execute, many safari companies will upload birding tour packages without looking at the top places to see the most critical species, and the guide is the most difficult one to plan for, to get best out of birding in Uganda you will really need to have an expert bird guide who is able to identify the habitat and the species, calls and home range.

At Endless plains Africa limited our partners John Oliver and kerryn Oliver are seasoned birders that have travelled Africa extensively and in Uganda they have been supporting the Bwindi bird guides club for a few years and that will guarantee you some of the finest bird guides for your birding safari in Uganda with Us.

We arrange from short birding trips to long birding trips this are aimed at explore Uganda’s diverse habitat which is a home to over 1000 bird species.

All our trips are escorted by an expert bird guide and a driver as birding is demanding and can be done anywhere, the driver will always take good care of your property if the car is parked on the road side for you discover an enroute swamp for some bird species.

Our accommodation is usually ranging from Mid-range to budget accommodation or even for much longer hardcore birding trips we can provide a camping safari with an experienced chef in order to keep the costs down as birding is one of the most expensive safari activities in East Africa.

Our packages include optional Gorilla and chimpanzee trekking experiences as some people may only come in specifically for birding hence we make them optional for those that may wish to add them on to their package.

Our top birding trips in Uganda