Best time to trek golden monkeys in Uganda Mgahinga NP

Best time to trek golden monkeys in Uganda Mgahinga NP

Golden monkeys sometimes referred to as a distinctive race of the more widespread silver or Blue monkey, a little known bamboo-associated unique primates are listed as ‘endangered species’ by the international union for Conservation of Nature . This rear golden monkeys are Endemic to the Albertine Rift, the golden monkey is characterized as a bright orange-gold body, cheeks and tail, contrasting with its black limbs, crown and tail end.

Golden monkey trekking a physical activity though not as tough as gorilla trekking sometimes, the golden monkeys live in the bamboo zone as their most preferred food is the bamboo shoots and fruits and buck of trees.

This exceptionally rear golden monkeys can be visited all year round however their habitat is high in the volcanoes, these areas receive high rainfall during the rainy seasons most from March to May and from Late October and November, therefore the best time to trek golden monkeys in Uganda is during the country’s two dry seasons from June to October and from December to February.

What to expect during a golden monkey trek in Mgahinga.

Just like any other primate walk, golden monkeys are wild and they live in their natural habitat up in the bamboo zone and clients heading for this walk will have to ensure they have a certain level of fitness; the altitudes in this area are over 2000 meters above sea level.

Where to stay in Mgahinga gorilla NP during your trek

There are extremely limited places to stay near the park; there are only two lodges 5 minutes away from Ntebeko visitors centre, MT Gahinga lodge and Amajembere rest camp for budget stay, most travellers will stay in Kisoro town or Lake Mutanda and drive there some of the recommended lodges include Mucha lodge, Mutanda Lake resort, Chameleon hill lodge, Lake Mulehe safari lodge.