Nomad Lamai Private Camp

Nomad Lamai Private Camp

Nomad Lamai private Camp is one of the most exclusive wildebeest Migration camps in Northern Serengeti the camp is Strung around the bottom of our boulder-bound Serengeti base, this camp communes completely privately with the bristling plains of the north – annual site of the Migration crossings of the Mara River, gateway to the Lamai Wedge and a year-round arena of spectacular resident big game.

Nomad Lamai private Camp capacity

This property is an exclusive use annex of the adjacent Nomad Lamai Serengeti Camp, for private groups of up to eight guests. The property is usually accessed as part of a 6 to 12-night private guided overland safari through the region,5 rooms, Large verandas,1 room with adjoining children’s room, En-suite bathrooms & flush toilets, Running hot and cold water.

Location of Nomad Lamai private Camp

The lodge is located at the Lamai wedge, one of the most beautiful areas in the northern Serengeti is an area called the Lamai Wedge, and this area is found in between the Masaai Mara over the Kenyan border and the Mara River. The open plains of the Lamai Wedge are incredibly beautiful and abundant in-game. The landscape is reminiscent of scenes from Out of Africa, and there is plenty of freedom to roam and explore.

How to get to Nomad Lamai private Camp

We recommend flying into the area from Arusha and then transfer to the lodge using a 4×4 safari vehicle.

Things to do while at Nomad Lamai private Camp

Game drives

The game at Lamai is remarkable, not least because there is so much to see all year long – lion, leopard, hyena, cheetah, and herbivores.

Wildebeest Mara River crossings

It’s hard to imagine a more thrilling group activity than watching streams of grass-obsessed wildebeest crossing a river full of hungry crocodiles. For a couple of months, when the Migration thunders across these northern plains, that’s exactly what we do; with the infamous Mara River just a short 4×4 drive away.

Walking safaris

Walking in the Serengeti that you get a sense of quite how small a person can feel on these plains.  And only when you reach the top of that kopje, that you get that Simba feeling.

Lodge rating by Wilderness Explorers Africa Experts

Our experts rate Nomad Lamai private Camp 9/10 best camps for small groups to witness wildebeest migration safari.



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