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Game drives in Serengeti National Park

Serengeti national park is really big but it’s a rewarding area when it comes to wildlife. It has big populations of wildebeest, zebra, lion, hyena, giraffe, buffalo, cheetah, hippo, kongoni, impala, and others and all these can commonly be sighted. Black rhinos are also there though rarely spotted. The vegetation of the park is good for viewing these wild animals. They can be viewed throughout the year through different months and periods of the year offer unique sights. More of what to watch is about the wildebeest phases of their movement such as crossing rivers Grumeti around June and July and Mara around September. Watching these animals struggle to cross the river is one of the exciting things you won’t wait to see. Your driver-guide sets the vehicle at the best place that you can watch them cross, you’ll stay there and wait for the moment the first brave wildebeest will make the decision to cross and then will be followed by others.

Where to do a game drive in Serengeti national park

Serengeti is so big that you may need several days to explore the area and some of the areas which you can explore while on a safari in the Mighty Serengeti are characterized in regions and below is our guide.

Southern Serengeti national park

The triangle

The triangle is one of the best open plains in the southern Serengeti which provides massive feeding grounds for the wildebeest and its being open provides great opportunities to spot wildlife even if from a distance and hunting can easily be observed in this area.

Hidden valley

Just a few kilometers from the Ndutu area lies a major water catchment area for the wildlife and this can be a prime area for wildlife viewing as many wildlife are attracted to drink water hence attracting predators so it’s one of the areas to contact your game drive in Southern Serengeti.

Lake Ndutu

Lake Ndutu is one of the reasons why Ndutu plains will never disappoint you on your Tanzania safari as they keep the resident wildlife within the area and also providing a key water source for the wildlife and this is also a top stop for game viewing in the southern Serengeti national. park.

Kusini plains

Kusini crater and the Kusini plains are some of the great areas to see predators during the dry season through its remote the Kusini camp is a permanent camp in the area and one of the places you shouldn’t miss while in southern Serengeti for your Tanzania safari.

Olduvai Gorge

This historical site is never disappointing as continue discovering the history of Tanzania, it’s one of the most important paleoanthropological sites in the world; it has proven invaluable in furthering understanding of early human evolution.

Matiti plains & twin hills

Matiti plains easily distinctive by the twin hills is one of the top places to see wildebeest calving season as thousands of wildebeests gather to give birth before continuing with the journey to Mara River.

Central Serengeti national park

Seronera valley

Seronera valley is a top area in Central Serengeti where big cats are present and it’s a top wildlife viewing area in the central part of the park.

Seronera River

The Seronera River is a reason for the bigger population of wildlife in the Seronera valley where it attracts a large population of wildlife during the dry season making it a popular destination for game drives in the area.

Retina pool

Retina pool is a water pool that attracts thousands of hippos that wallow in the Mud and it’s a great place to see hippos and its top safari game drive in the area.

Moru kopjes

Moru Kopjes is home to the remaining population of black rhinos in the park. The Serengeti Rhino Project has a visitor’s center here where one can learn more about the conservation strategies. The highlight at Moru is Gong Rock where a short walk leads to a series of Maasai paintings.

Maasai kopjes

Great place to see Cheetah and Lions on rocks and its area is located east of the Seronera airstrip and it’s a great place where lion studies have been conducted in the Serengeti.

Makoma hill

Makoma hill is a great place to see wildlife located about 4 km from the Seronera village which forms part of the Seronera valley making it a great place in central Serengeti for game drives.

Turner’s spring

Located in the remote area of Central is the Turners springs which is a woodland that provides great opportunities to see Giraffes in the area making it a great area for game drives.

Simba kopjes

Simba kopje is a great place to see lions in the area and they act as the tallest kopjes in the area and it must place to visit while on safari in Serengeti educationally lions can be spotted on the rocks.

Long grass plains

The long grass plains are a great place to see rear antelopes and the termite mounts in the area make plains look cool though a few times wildlife like Leopard can be seen on the termite mounts so worth a safari to this area.

Northern Serengeti

Lobo valley

With the game population in the area, the Lobo valley is one of the best places to see predators in Northern Serengeti the area is exceptional with lions, leopards, and cheetahs that are attracted by the game population in the area.

Upper Grumeti woodlands

Mara River

Mara River is where Africa’s greatest wildlife spectacle takes place from July to October when the millions of wildebeest and thousands of zebras stumped through the river in the presence of crocodiles as they make their way to Masai Mara.

Lamai triangle

Lamai triangle is an area bordering east Masai mara national park and it’s one of the areas located north of the Mara River and its great place to stay during the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti.

Bologonja springs

Bologonja springs is a top birding destination in the remote parts of Northern Serengeti the area is a lush and idyllic spot hidden away in the remote reaches of the North Serengeti. Many varieties of colorful birds can be found here including kingfishers, hoopoes, and rollers. Bologonja’s flourishing resources support some unusual antelope species including the mountain reedbuck and steenbok. The nearby Larelemangi salt lick is a haven for wildlife and large herds of buffalo and elephants are regular visitors.

Eastern Serengeti national park

Sametu marsh & kopjes

While in Eastern Serengeti one of the must place to visit is the Sametu marsh and Kopjes which provides excellent habitat for cheetah and lions and it’s one of the must place to visit in Eastern Serengeti.

Naabi hill

Naabi Hill is a great place to have a view of the endless plains of the Serengeti and it’s a great area for balloon safaris being one of the entrances to Serengeti it’s a great place to start your drive in the area and large herds of wildebeest are usually seen.

Gol kopjes

When you are looking out for cheetahs in Eastern Serengeti then the Gol kopjes should be a must and also the area is a great area for wildebeest that graze on the short grass in the area.

Barafu gorge & kopjes

A remote but great area in eastern Serengeti sitting at the end of the park on the eastern side is a great place to visit when the grass is short and you can see great wildlife in the area and a great area for bush breakfast offering lush views of the plains.

Soit le montonye

An extremely remote area of Eastern Serengeti and few visitors will visit this area but you catch great views of the secretary bird and the ostrich if you have the time it’s worth a safari drive in the area.

Lemuta hill & waterhole

This area is famous for the waterhole which provides great hide for hyenas and also during dry season many wildlife are attracted to this area making it a great place for morning game drives.

Nasera rock & Angata kiti

Extremely remote area in the eastern Serengeti national park with literally few tourists near the Gol Mountains and this area is great for picnics at the base of the granite Nasera rock.

Salei plains & mt. Lengai

Salei plains will give you stunning views of the grass plains and at the end lies Mount Ol Donyo Lengai a volcanic mountain east of the Serengeti and you can hike this Mountain while on safari in Serengeti.

Olkarien gorge

A dramatic cliff of this narrow gorge in the Gol Mountains is the nesting site for hundreds of the Ruppell’s griffon vulture and this is a great place for birders visiting Serengeti for a birding safari

Lake Natron

Lake Natron is an alkaline lake in the Eastern part of the Serengeti and it’s a great place to see migratory birds and the great history at the Lake.

Western Serengeti National Park

Ruwana plains

Ruwana is a great area to search for lions in western Serengeti as it sits in the line of the wildebeest migration path between April and May and you will see some great wildlife here.

Lower Grumeti woodlands

Lower Grumeti area is one of the areas in the Serengeti where the wildebeest encounter some of the obstacles during their migration trail as they have to cross the Grumeti River on way to Masai mara and it’s a great place to see the Grumeti River crossing.

Upper Grumeti

Very unpopular area for game drives in the Serengeti but it’s a nice place for an expedition as it is where the Grumeti River passes through before emptying its water into Lake Victoria through great wildlife leaves in this area.

Grumeti River

Grumeti River flows from through Serengeti and it lies in the wildebeest migration path and usually, June is the peak when the wildebeest cross the Grumeti River in the lower Grumeti woodlands and this is a great place to see the first phase of the wildebeest Migration.

Mbalageti river valley

Mbalageti river valley is one of the top places in the western corridor where the wildebeest pass through during the annual migration and the valley is a top wildlife viewing area.

Musabi plains

Great place in the western corridor where you see resident and migratory wildlife though it lies on off the beaten track safari area in the Serengeti national park’s western corridor.



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