Chaka Mobile Camps

Chaka Mobile Camps

Inspired by the sense of timelessness found in the bush (‘Chaka’ in Swahili), Chaka Camp was designed as camouflage to its serene surroundings. The camp moves seasonally to stay near the Great Migration and therefore remains surrounded by abundant wildlife.

Nature is replete with curiosities and surprises, and each camp is designed to share these riches through style and theme.

While maintaining a high standard of boutique luxury, our camp-style construction minimizes the space between human presence and the bushland – the tent walls are thin enough to let the night sounds in but thick enough to keep the wild things out.

Chaka Mobile Camp capacity

With just ten tents (king, twin, triple, and family), Chaka Mobile Camp offers an authentic and intimate bush experience in the heart of the Serengeti wilderness. The tents are comfortable with private shaded verandas and unique luxuries, and whilst the tent walls are certainly thick enough to keep the wild things out, they remain thin enough to let the wild sounds in. The en-suite bathrooms have flush toilets, running water, and safari-style bucket showers.

Location of Chaka Mobile Camp

Chaka Mobile camps are located from Ndutu to Kogatende, the Camps are consistently positioned where the wildebeest Migration herds are and they have carefully balanced the rawness of nature with the comforts of home, along with some unique luxuries.

How to get to Chaka Mobile Camps

Visitors can drive from anywhere in Tanzania to Serengeti national park, depending on the time of the year there are no specific locations for the camps as different camps are located in different locations and they are not permanent hence they move a year in and year out or you can also fly into the specific sector where the herds are and you will then transfers to the specific camp.

Things to do while at Chaka Mobile Camp

  • Game drives
  • Track the wildebeest Migration
  • Bush breakfast
  • Sundowners
  • Birding safaris
  • Cultural encounters with the Masai
Lodge grade by Wilderness Explorers Africa Experts

Our Experts grade Chaka Mobile camps 8/10 best camps to track the wildebeest Migration.



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