Best time to witness Wildebeest Migration in Serengeti

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Best time to witness Wildebeest Migration in Serengeti

Very interestingly there is no specific or best time to visit Serengeti national park during the Wildebeest Migration as the Migration is an all year-round movement of Wildebeest, Zebras, Thomson’s gazelle, and Eland between Serengeti and Masai Mara which is triggered by the rains and need for fresh grass and water so when to be in Serengeti national park depends on what the interest of the traveler is below is our guide to the different stages of the migration.

February to March (Wildebeest calving season)

Is one of the best times of the year to be in Serengeti national park, this is one of the most dramatic and action-packed safari seasons, in this period over 8000 wildebeest calves are born in the presence of predators, and this is the time in Serengeti when you will see the biggest concentration of predators more so in the whole of Africa.

April May (wildebeest rutting season in Western and central Serengeti)

Now, this is yet another dramatic part of the migration, the wildebeest cows go on heat and the bull starts to mate with them, in this time of the year you will see a lot of fighting among wildebeest bulls and also there is a lot of noise made by the herd.

May, June, and Early July (Grumeti wildebeest River crossing)

Experiencing the great Wildebeest Migration crossing the Grumeti River near the Western Corridor’s Kirawira region is one of the top safari experiences in one of the remote parts of Serengeti national park for keen wildlife enthusiasts, the Grumeti River crossing involves dramatic scenes as thousands of wildebeest, Zebras continue their annual search of water and green grass through the western corridor into the Mara River which poses one of the greatest obstacles on the Migration Trail.

Late July-August ( Wildebeest Mara River crossing)

July and August are the peak months for migration safaris and are when most river crossings take place. During these months, herds are making their way between Tanzania’s Serengeti and Kenya’s Maasai Mara so this is when you’ll have the best chance of seeing a river crossing.


Season Month Region
Calving (Birthing) Season February to March Southern Serengeti
Rutting (Breeding) Season April to May Western & Central Serengeti
Grumeti River Crossings May to June Central Serengeti
Mara River Crossings July to August and October Northern Serengeti & Masai Mara
On the Move November to January Masai Mara & Northern Serengeti to Southern Serengeti



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