How to book Uganda Gorilla Permits

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How to book Uganda Gorilla Permits

How to book Uganda Gorilla Permits

By far gorilla trekking permits are some of the most difficult safari essentials to arrange, a gorilla permit or pass is a document issued by the government of Uganda through Uganda wildlife authority after tourist have paid fully the fees required, this permits are usually printed few weeks to start of the safari to the tour operator.

Uganda has 5 gorilla trekking regions meaning travellers need to be very careful while planning there safari, you must ensure before booking your safari lodge you must have booked your gorilla permit first because the region where you will trek the mountain gorillas will determine where you will stay as the distance between these trekking zones range from 1 hour to 6 hours of drive.

Quick steps on how to book your Uganda Gorilla Trekking Permits

  1. Contact wilderness Explorers Africa safari experts with your suggested travel dates to Uganda and our experts will share you a suggested travel plan after checking for availability of gorilla permits with Uganda wildlife authority.
  2. After approving the suggested travel plan you are expected to make your final decision within 48 hours and if you make the final decision to trek the mountain gorillas then you will confirm within this period and our experts will send you a quote for the safari.
  3. After going through the quotation, you might want to make adjustments which they will finalise with your travel plan after they will send you an invoice which will obtain gorilla trekking booking fees and usually 20% of the total safari cost.
  4. You will go ahead and make a bank transfer and sent us the proof of payment, after receiving the funds our consultant will then request you to send copies of your passport after receiving the documents then we shall secure your permits from Uganda wildlife authority with full payment and after we shall scan copies of the receipts and sent them to you as a proof of the purchase of your gorilla permits.
  5. Ensuring all factors remain constant 4 weeks before travelling to Uganda our consultant will sent you the final invoice to make full payment for the safari and your final itinerary will be sent to you  and that will mark the start of your journey to see the mountain gorillas in Uganda.
  6. On the day of arrival our guide will have all your gorilla trekking permits and other services like park entrance fees with him ready at the airport upon arrival you will received by your guide to start your safari holiday.



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