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African big five wildlife safaris in Uganda

African big five wildlife safaris in Uganda

Though Uganda’s wildlife is overshadowed by the presence of mountain gorillas and Chimpanzees which acts as the top tourist attractions and also the neighboring countries of Kenya and Tanzania, the long due existence of wildebeest migration in Tanzania’s Serengeti national park and Kenya’s Masai Mara national reserve, in saying that, Uganda still remains one of the best exclusive places to see wildlife in Africa. Uganda still boosts a good population of Lions, Leopards. Elephants, Buffalos and the Rhinos currently undergoing a breeding process as they prepare to release them in the wild.

The East African country is gifted with four savannah national parks of Kidepo valley national park which is known for its pride of lions that climb on the rocky outcrops commonly known as the kopjes and the biggest concentration of Buffalos, Murchison falls national park known for the powerful falls and incredible wildlife that traverse the Nile delta including the illusive leopards, Queen Elizabeth national park known for its Kazinga channel elephant population and Lake Mburo national park known for large herds of Zebras, elands and impalas.

Wildlife viewing in Uganda is an all year round activity but it’s usually at its peak during the country’s wet season which is usually from April to June and from October to December with the mixed habitat of the country’s national parks cats like the Leopards and lions tents to move to the swampy areas where safari vehicle access is limited making it harder to spot them during the dry season opposed to other countries where its more open hence wildlife congregate around water holes

Currently Rhinos in Uganda can be seen in a protected area 3 hours away from the main capital Kampala; the Ziwa Rhino sanctuary which was established as breeding areas has had an extra ordinary history of conservation in Uganda.

The Rhino trekking is done on foot all year rounds and its one of the most extraordinary experiences as you encounter the Rhinos face to face on foot.

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