Best time to visit Volcanoes National Park

Best time to visit Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes national park is open for gorilla trekking activities, birding, and hiking experiences all year round. The encountering of Mountain gorillas is ultimately guaranteed and doesn’t really depend on the weather conditions in the national park. However, trekking becomes more challenging during the rainy season when the hiking trails become very slippery in heavy rain and this implies that hiking is slightly and more convenient in Dry season which is usually from June to August, and to a lesser extent in early September, December and January.

Month to month guide to weather conditions in Volcanoes National Park

Different months offer different weather conditions however it’s important to note that volcanoes national park lies in the tropical rain zone making it hard to predict daily weather conditions but on average rainfall statistics some months have proven to be more exception than others in terms of rainfall distribution Rwanda receives between 1000-1400 mm of rainfall annual depending on the region and volcanoes does receive fairly a big amount of rainfall as it strategically located in the tropical rain region.

Excellent weather conditions

June, July, August, September, October, and January are the best months to visit volcanoes national park these months receive the least amount of rainfall and this is when you will experience the highest temperatures in the park.

Good weather conditions

December, February, May are your second best months to travel to volcanoes national park as this is usually mixed between rain and dry days and this will still give you great days of trekking and this is also the time of the year when the views are exceptional in Volcanoes National Park.

Poor weather conditions

March, April, and November are extremely poor if you are looking to avoid volcanoes national park then these will likely be the months to avoid as the extremely high rainfall and trekking can be hard in these months though most lodges tend to put up promotions in this months and there less tourist so for those looking for exclusive safaris but don’t fear getting wet may have to consider this time of the year.


We recommend traveling to Rwanda any time of the year only carry appropriate gear for the rainy season the rains usually last for a couple of hours but not a full day and most rains usually occur early morning or late afternoon and you have to bear in mind that if you’re planning a safari to Tanzania or Kenya at the same time then your best months are from February to early march during the wildebeest calving season where you will see the biggest concentration of predators and from June to September when the mara river crossing is ongoing.



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