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Hike through African local villages stuck in a time way back, trek the misty jungles and canopies of ancient tropical rainforests to relish in the sight of a mountain gorilla nesting among the cold shrubs. Stand at the foot of the continent’s tallest mountain range and breath in the stunning 360 degrees view of the world below. Follow the footsteps of John Hannington Speke and find the source of the mighty Nile river and its stunning features before it leaves Uganda. Track chimpanzees in Kibale Forest, or go in search of the Big 5 at the Queen Elizabeth National Park. Whatever you choose to do on our African Safaris, you’ll not fall short of places to go or things to do when you travel with Myler Africa Safaris.

How about the city culture? The streets of Kampala (Uganda’s capital) are jammed with throngs of shoppers and hawkers, livestock clip-clopping along, and mind-bogglingly packed taxis. Perfect for you to experience a different city culture, food, language and mobility.

Towards Nakasero Hill, the urban core fades into a garden city lined with ritzy bars and restaurants. From here it’s a short trip to Jinja to see the source of the White Nile where it bleeds out of Africa’s largest lake – Lake Victoria.

Here’s a list of things to do with Myler Africa Safaris

gorilla tracking tours in uganda

Gorilla Tracking

Feel the jolt of adrenaline flash your already excited body when you meet the giant mountain gorilla beast in its natural habitat trekking 2,600 meters above sea level deep inside misty jungles.

African wildlife safaris

Classic Safari Game Drives

Our classic safaris take you to Uganda & Rwanda’s less visited gems but yet the big 5 roam the savanna freely. Take a boat safari on the Nile or Kazinga channel..

gorilla tracking tours in uganda

Chimpanzee Tracking

Spend a day in the life a chimpanzee on the tropical rainforest floor. Feel the quiet noise of the African jungle while racing to keep up with the apes movement.

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