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Safaris to Spitzkoppe Granite Peak Namibia

The Spitzkoppe is a grouping of granite peaks in Namibia’s Namib Desert, with the highest peak hitting nearly 1,800 meters (about 5,900 feet). This place is heaven for climbers, geologists, stargazers, and watchers of weaver birds.

The Spitzkoppe is one of the most photographed mountain motifs of Namibia. This inselberg surmounts its surrounding by 700 meters with an overall height of 1728 m above sea level. Due to its distinctive form, which can be spotted from a great distance, the Spitzkoppe is often called the “Matterhorn” of Namibia.

Actually, the Spitzkoppe consists of two separate mountains: The large Spitzkoppe, which is 1728 m high, and the small Spitzkoppe, which has a height of 1584 meters. Further west we also find the so-called Pontok Mountains.

For hikers and mountaineers, the Spitzkoppe is a paradise. Beginners can practice nicely here and for professionals, the ascent of the peak is a real challenge as it is difficult. The first ascent of the challenging west side was in 1946 and up to today, only 600 roped parties have succeeded to reach the peak. One reason for this is also that during the summer months it is not possible to climb the Spitzkoppe due to the unbearable heat.

All around the Spitzkoppe hundreds of rock paintings can be found, same goes for the Pontok Mountains. Here you find the most prominent place of discovery, the so-called Bushmen’s Paradise. Unfortunately, many paintings have been damaged by vandalism.  You will also find paintings of rhino here, which indicates that the animals must have roamed the area many, many years ago.

The Rock Arch is also a well-known formation and has featured as a backdrop in numerous films already and which has been depicted in calendars, photographic competitions, and travel guides.

Things to do in Spitzkoppe Granite Namibia

The area is a hikers’ and rock climbers’ paradise and the view from the top is an incredible reward for the effort of scaling the rock to get there. For those visitors that are interested in history, organized guided walks are available where a friendly guide will take you to view some of the numerous rock art sites, explaining the stories captured in the ancient drawings.

The area also has a restaurant and bar where an ice-cold beer awaits you after a walk or hike. More than anything else – there is always ice-cold beer in Namibia.

How to get to Spitzkoppe Granite peak Namibia

The Spitzkoppe is situated about 120 km north-east of Swakopmund and is a mere 30 km away from the well-traveled route between Usakos and Swakopmund.

Where to stay while visiting Spitzkoppe granite peak Namibia

Clients can stay at Campsite where you can pitch a tent and stay for the night. The campsite consists of several secluded camping sites all of which have braai facilities.

Nearby accommodation options include Erongo wilderness camp which offers excellent accommodation, food, and guided walks.


Hiking through  trails  Spitzkoppe granite peak Namibia
Visit the rock art sites at Spitzkoppe granite peak
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Rock climbing at Spitzkoppe granite peak Namibia
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Erongo wilderness Camp
Camping at the Camp site at Spitzkoppe granite peak


Best time to visit Spitzkoppe granite peak


4 Days Spitzkoppe desert safari
5 Days wildlife and Spitzkoppe desert Safari
7 Days Namib desert and Spitzkoppe safari


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