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Safaris to Draa Valley in Morocco

strategically located Between the Atlas Mountains and the dunes of the Sahara lays one of Morocco’s most splendid and rewarding landscapes: the Draa, a mass of date plantations punctuated by kasbahs made of rammed red earth rising against the sky.

The Draa is Morocco’s longest river, at 1,100 kilometers. It is formed by the confluence of the Dadès River and Imini River. It flows from the High Atlas mountains, initially south-eastward to Tagounite and from Tagounite mostly westwards to its mouth in the Atlantic Ocean somewhat north of Tan-Tan.

Zagora, at the southern end, makes a good base with decent hotels and restaurants. Allow five hours to reach the Draa from Marrakech via a spectacular route across the Atlas Mountains — it’s best not to self-drive.

Things to do in Draa valley Morocco

Erg Lihoudi

Erg Lihoudi is 100 meters high, and stands 8km northeast of M’Hamid, with the most easily accessible dunes. Since it is close to the Draa River, the dunes here have white river sand. There are usually many day-trippers in these dunes.

Erg Chigaga

Last but definitely not least; this incredible stretch of sand is the highlight of the Draa Valley tour. The dunes of Erg Chigaga extend for 40 km, making it the largest sand sea in Morocco. There are small camps hidden between the sand crescents; and thanks to this, the experience makes you feel isolated. Besides, when the sun sets, the stars shine one by one, until the Milky Way is almost completely visible.

Caïd’s Kasbah

Formerly, this 170-year-old Kasbah belonged to the local chief (qaid) of Agdz; today, it is run by his descendants. To get into the mud-brick building, go to the reception of Kasbah Caïd Ali next door. Inside, you can explore a maze of rooms on each of its three floors. Head to the rooftop to get the most breath-taking views over the nearby oasis.


A highlight on the village of Amezrou is the Mellah (Jewish quarter), another mud-brick structure, and an important part of Morocco’s history. The Mellah once comprised around 400 Jewish households. Today, part of the building is restored, but another part is crumbling; be careful around this area. Walk along its maze-like alleyways and you will surely find artisans working on good-luck charms. These metal charms come in African, Jewish, Muslim, and Amazigh designs.

Musée des Arts et Traditions

This small museum is located in Zagora and exhibits the Draa Valley’s traditional life in its three stories. You will be fascinated with the tribal jewelry and wedding garments displayed. Besides, some small tea glasses are said to shatter only by touching poison.

All exhibits in the museum have perfect descriptions in English and French; however, you can take a tour with a local guide.

How to get to Draa valley in Morocco

Different airlines fly daily to Marrakesh Menara Airport, and from Marrakesh, there are two CTM buses a day, along with three local buses. To get to Agdz and therefore the Draa Valley, you have to take the winding road from Ouarzazate to Zagora, possibly the most beautiful of all Morocco.

Although the Draa River begins in Ouarzazate, it remains invisible for 60 km, cutting its way through the earth’s crust. It is from Agdz where the river is discovered and the palm trees begin. This town marks the true beginning of the Draa Valley.

Where to stay during your visit to Draa valley morocco

Riad dar Sofian

Riad dar Sofian enjoys a truly exceptional location in the Zagora Palm Grove. To the east the mountains, to the west the palm grove, and the pleasure of being in the middle of this now protected territory.

Riad Dar Sofian has ten rooms and a suite. Some have a terrace; others overlook the mountain, the garden, or the swimming pool.

Traditional catering is personalized. You can have your meals around the swimming pool, on the terraces, in the lounges around the garden of cacti, or under the large Berber tent.

For your comfort, the Riad is air-conditioned and satellite WiFi available everywhere. As for the staff, they speak in addition to Arabic, French, and English.

Riad Jasmine Sud

Riad Jasmine Sud is a magnificent building nestled in the heart of the city of Zagora in southern Morocco. It used to be an oasis, today it is a magnificent city in the heart of the desert. Zagora is a paradise of sand and palm trees, the ideal setting for a successful vacation.

By staying in our Riad Zagora, you can enjoy a comfortable and typically Moroccan stay, The streets that surround our establishment overflowing with history and heritage. From Jebel Zagora to its immense palm grove through its Kasbahs, there are many places for hikes and walks. We recommend that you take the time to soak up the atmosphere of our beautiful country.


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Best time to visit Draa valley Morocco


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