Chimpanzee forest Lodge Kibale forest NP

Chimpanzee forest Lodge Kibale forest NP

Chimpanzee forest Lodge Kibale forest NP

Chimpanzee Forest Lodge is a spectacular value-for-money place to stay; the lodge offers beautiful gardens, tea plantations, and indigenous forests. Enjoy beautiful panoramic views of the dense misty forest of Kibale National Park, ancient crater lakes, and the Rwenzori Mountains. The lodge offers perfect comfort for those looking to encounter chimpanzees in the Kanyanchu area.

Chimpanzee Forest Lodge was formerly a residence of the British district commissioner in the 1950s, during Uganda’s colonial period, and was innovated and turned into a Guest House in 2003, it has been wonderfully cared for and maintained ever since.

Chimpanzee forest Lodge Room Capacity

The lodge has 8 privately located Bandas with exceptional views and 2 rooms in the colonial house which were formerly home to the British commissioner in the 1950s.

Location of Chimpanzee Forest Lodge

Chimpanzee forest Lodge Kibale forest NP

Chimpanzee forest lodge is located near Kibale forest in the Isunga tourism area which is a 10 km drive to the Kanyanchu visitors center and 23 km to fort portal city, the lodge sits in the center of a massive tea farm making it a perfect place to stay.

How to get to Chimpanzee Forest Lodge

Chimpanzee forest lodge can easily be reached from Fort portal town, the lodge is located 23 km on a tarmac road from fort portal and by air, you can fly into Kasese town and take the 2-hour drive to the lodge via Rwimi-Ndali road through the explosive craters.

Things to do while staying at Chimpanzee forest Lodge

  • Chimpanzee trekking in Kibale forest.
  • Chimpanzee habituation experience in Kibale forest.
  • Bird watching
  • Bigodi wetland walk
  • Forest walks and night walks in the Kibale forest
  • Explosive crater walks
  • Tea visits and walks
Lodge grade by Wilderness Explorers Africa

We rate this 7.5/ 10 perfect place to stay while exploring Kibale forest national park.


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