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African Renaissance Monument Senegal

At 49 meters (160ft) tall, the African Renaissance Monument in Senegal, which is higher than the Statue of Liberty in New York – is the tallest statue in Africa.

Getting to the top is an exhilarating feat that’s crowned by the breath-taking view of Dakar from the top of the monument.

The African Renaissance monument was built in 2010, opening on April 4th, and is a statue expressing a symbolized rebirth of Africa, and commemorating Senegalese independence.

It depicts an idealized African family, commissioned by the country’s then-president, Abdoulaye Wade. Unfortunately, Senegal could not afford the $27m price tag and found itself in the ironic position of paying for its independence statue by ceding land to the state-owned North Korean firm that built it.

Once you arrive at the statue, you will find a music stage, vendors, and multiple flights of stairs. Be prepared to walk a lot as there are 198 steps to reach the base of the statue. If you succeed in reaching the top, make sure to take in the views and take pictures! There is a ticketing booth on-site for those interested in the statue’s museum and panoramic tour.

How to get to African Renaissance Monument Senegal

The African Renaissance Statue is located in the Dakar neighborhood of Oakum. Depending on your location, your taxi fare should be 500-2000 CFA and only a maximum 20-minute taxi ride. Find a local to confirm with the taxi that the statue is the place you want to go.

Where to stay while visiting African Renaissance Monument Senegal

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At the foot of the Mamelles Lighthouse and the African Renaissance Monument; 15 minutes from downtown Dakar.

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The hotel is ideally located in the heart of the Almadies activity area, 5 minutes from the United Nations headquarters in Senegal and the agencies (UNHCR, IOM, and UNICEF).

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Hotel Colonia Dakar
Hotel L’Adresse Dakar


Best time to visit the African renaissance Monument


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