3 Days Tiwai Island Tour

There are 8 communities surrounding Tiwai Wildlife Sanctuary and the Trail was designed around the heritage of these eight forest edge communities and includes experiences linked to the cultural, historic, and natural heritage of the Mende people that are its stewards. Karma Cola, a leading soft drink brand got their cola nuts (used in making the drink) from these communities. Due to the limited time, you will visit 2 of these communities during your trip.


  • Freetown
  • cultural activities
  • Tiwai wildlife sanctuary

10 Days Tanzania Wildebeest

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Driving from Freetown to Boma

Departing 8 AM taking an early lunch in Bo, Arrive at Boma at 3 pm, with time to rest at camp. After a bit of a rest, take a late afternoon walk into the community to visit the heritage site and meet the community people.




Day 2: Transfer from Boma to Nianiahun & Kambama

Wake up to the sound of the stream and birds. After breakfast, you will then walk off the breakfast over the 1.5hr walk from Boma to Nianiahun. You will interact with community members to understand their culture & you will also visit the Heritage site ‘Koto-wule‐hun’ which looks like a formation of stones.

After lunch, you could make a quick stop at the waterfall before continuing your journey to Kambama where you will pass the night.

You will be welcomed at Kambama with a cultural performance.




Day 3: Day trip to Tiwai Wildlife Sanctuary and depart to Freetown

After breakfast, take a 5-minute walk to the dock at Kambama and another 5-minute boat ride to Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary. Upon arrival at the island, you will walk the forests of Tiwai Island accompanied by a local guide, experiencing the thrill of tracking the 11 different species of primates, 135 species of birds, and some 800 species of butterfly, as well as the footprints of mammals such as mongoose, wild pigs and that Pygmy Hippo. Not to mention the incredible plant life.




End of tour

Additional accommodation can be arranged for an extra cost.

What’s included in the 3 Days Tiwai Island Tour

  • Accommodation
  • Tour Guide
  • Entrance Fees
  • All transportation in the destination location

What’s excluded in the 3 Days Tiwai Island Tour

  • Arrangements to Freetown
  • international flights
  • Medical and travel insurance
  • Tips

When to book the safari package?

Tour can depart any day from 8 am but for convenience, it’s advisable to book 1 week in Advance.

Best Time to Travel

Traveling to Sierra Leone is best from October to May.

NOTE: Tour details are provided on the final itinerary upon booking the safari.

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