3 Days Sierra Leone Birding Tour

This is a 3-day birding watching tour in Sierra Leone’s Principal Nature Reserve on Tiwai Island in the Moa River.


  • Birding
  • boat transfer
  • primate lookout

10 Days Tanzania Wildebeest

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Transfer to Tiwai Island

Depart Freetown for Tiwai Island, departing at 8 AM, taking an early lunch in Bo. Arrive at Tiwai Island c. 3 pm, with time to rest at camp following transfer to Tiwai Island by boat from Kambama. After arrival and a bit of a rest, take a late afternoon/early evening boat trip up the Mao River in an engine-powered boat. Take in spectacular views of Tiwai Island and the neighboring mainland, looking out for some 135 species of birds and other wildlife.




Day 2: Full day birding

In the morning, walk the forests of Tiwai Island accompanied by a local guide, to get a full-day birding and other wildlife viewings in the tropical forest with lunch in the jungle.

Congo Serpent Eagle, Long-Tailed Hawk, African Goshawk, White-Breasted Guineafowl, Egyptian Plover, White-Headed Lapwing, Western Bronze-Naped Pigeon, Yellow-billed Turaco, Great Blue Turaco, Levailant’s Cuckoo, Long-Tailed Nightjar, Cassin’s Spinetail, Sabine’s Spinetail, Chocolate-Backed Kingfisher, Blue-Breasted Kingfisher, Black Bee-Eater, Broad-Billed Roller, Piping Hornbill, Yellow-Casqued Hornbill White-Crested Hornbill, Yellow-throated Tinkerbird, Cassin’s Honeybird, Little Green Woodpecker, Cardinal Woodpecker, Fire-Bellied Woodpecker, White-Throated Blue Swallow, Western Wattled Cuckoo-shrike, Swam Palm Bulbul, Little Greenbul, Honeyguide Greenbul, Western Nicator, White-Tailed Alethe, Olive-Green Camaroptera, White-browed Forest Flycatcher, Chestnut Wattle-Eye, Brown Illadopsis, Capuchin Babbler, Tit Hylia, Buff-throated Sunbird, Johanna’s Sunbird, Many-Coloured Bush-Shrike, Western Black-Winged Oriole, Shinning Drongo, Forest Chestnut-Winged Starling, Black-necked Weaver, Blue-billed Malimbe.




Day 3: Early morning Forest Walk, Depart Tiwai

In the morning set off early into the forest with binoculars in hand to watch for birds. After your walk or at a time convenient to you, depart Tiwai Island and head to Freetown via Bo. If you wish, you can have lunch in Bo, before continuing your journey to Freetown.




End of tour

Additional accommodation can be arranged for an extra cost.

What’s included in the 3 Days Sierra Leone birding Tour

  • Accommodation
  • Tour Guide & Driver
  • Entrance Fees
  • All transportation in the destination location
  • Meals

What’s excluded in the 3 Days Sierra Leone birding Tour

  • Any Private Expenses
  • Room Service Fees
  • Extras

When to book the safari package?

Last-minute inquiries can be made but preferably 2 weeks booking is advised.

Best Time to Travel

October to May is a good time.

NOTE: Tour details are provided upon booking.

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