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Kazuma Pan National Park Zimbabwe

On the border between Zimbabwe and Botswana in Africa lies the Kazuma Pan National Park, an unspoiled wilderness known for its large numbers of buffalo (as many as 2 000) and elephant. The pure bushveld resembles the open savannah of East Africa in appearance and in the mass migrations of the game from September to November; The Park was developed to be a refuge for the animals in the area during hunting season and stretches to 31300 hectares. The beautiful landscapes of open grassland, natural pans, and small Mopane tree forests are home to a wide variety of games. You are likely to see lion, leopard, giraffe, zebra, antelope, and more. The Kazuma Pans attract many birds making it a dream for any birdwatchers, In order to protect the wildlife at Kazuma, there are visitor restrictions and the park is closed for the public during the wet seasons in January and February. After being proclaimed a National Park in 1949, Kazuma lost its status in 1964 after a lack of development, however, it was proclaimed again in 1975.

Size of Kazuma Pan National Park

Kazuma pan national park covers an area77, 345 acres (313 km²); it provides one of Zimbabwe’s few areas of plains scenery, with good visibility and sparse but important mammal populations.

Location of Kazuma Pan National Park

Kazuma Pan National Park is situated in Zimbabwe’s extreme north-western corner, laying on the Botswana border a short distance north-west of Hwange National Park.

How to get to Kazuma Pan National Park

Kazuma Pan National Park is easily accessible and is within range of many international airports. The easiest airport to fly into is the Victoria Falls international airport, located a mere two-hour drive from the entrance. Because the park is located on the border, it can also be accessed from the Botswana side at Chobe.

Things to do in Kazuma Pan National Park

Game drives

Kazuma Pan is the largest pan in the park, attracting high concentrations of breeding elephant herds during the dry season. The pan is part of a corridor of wildlife traffic the moves between Botswana and Zimbabwe during the migratory season, which is from September to December.

Walking safari

Walking safaris that are guided by Zimbabwe park guides will give a great experience of encountering wildlife on foot and this is one of the activities you can do in Kazuma national park.

Birding safaris

Many species of birds can be found in Kazuma Pan especially after a good rainy season; there may even be a large number of waterbird species including storks, crowned cranes, stilts, cormorants, ducks, and kingfishers.

Camping safaris

Only two groups of visitors can stay in the park at any given time as there are only two campsites available in the park at Insiza Camp and Kasetsheti Camp.

When to visit Kazuma Pan National Park

Kazuma Pan National Park is closed to the public in January and February each year due to the wet conditions over this period that make the roads impassable. The best time to go on game safaris and drives is during the dry season from September to December. Bird watching is good during the dry season.

Where to stay in Kazuma Pan National Park

Visitors should note that Kazuma is an extremely remote area and visitors must be entirely self-sufficient; only water is available here and adequate provisions for fuel, food supplies, and other basics should be provided. Kazuma Pan National Park is closed to the public in January and February each year due to the wet conditions over this period that make the roads impassable.

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How to get there

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Where to stay in the park

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