Nachikufu Cave Zambia

Nachikufu Cave Zambia

Located in Mpika, northeast of Zambia, the Nachikufu Caves attract travelers who are curious about the rock paintings made by the San Bushmen, who had settled in the caves that used to offer everything they needed to survive: shelter, firewood, food through game and vegetables, and water from a nearby stream.

Nachikufu Caves are an outdoor museum displaying the vestiges of the Late Stone Age in Zambia. Excavations in the 1940s estimated that the human occupation dates back to 15.000 years ago. Access inside the caves is allowed only with an official guide and travelers can see small displays of artifacts when visiting this archaeological site.

The cave contains several small displays depicting enhanced pictures of the drawings in the cave, along with artifacts excavated in the cave. The displays explain the history of the site’s human habitation and are useful for explaining its archaeological history. In addition, viewpoints outside the cave provide excellent vantage points of the beautiful surrounding landscape.

The caretaker for the site lives just along the road on the way to the site and will come to the cave when he sees cars or visitors passing by. The caretaker has the key to open the gate to the cave. If he doesn’t arrive shortly after you park at the cave, his phone number is posted on the nearby sign. Parking is available at the site and it is accessible during daylight hours.

How to get to Nachikufu cave Zambia

Located in Mpika about 650 km northeast of Zambia and using a 4×4 safari vehicle travelers can travel to Mpika and then seek local knowledge on how to get to this Archaeological site northeast of Zambia.

Where to stay Nachikufu cave Zambia

Northern Rock Hotel is a 3-star property situated in Mpika. Among the facilities of this property are a restaurant, a 24-hour front desk, and room service, along with free WiFi throughout the property.

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