Mwela Rock Art Painting Zambia

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Mwela Rock Art Painting Zambia

The Mwela Rock Paintings are a national monument of Zambia, about 4.8 kilometers east of Kasama The rock paintings are in caves and overhangs spread over a very wide area of bush, north of the Kasama.

The earliest forms of man-made articles were stone tools. These included hand axes and cleavers, and later, wooden tools like digging sticks and clubs. By the late Stone Age, decorative art forms had developed – bone tools, bow and shell ornaments, as well as rock paintings using natural colors such as ochre.

Mwela Rock paintings are located about 5 Km from Kasama town and encompassing eastwards rock outcrops of Mwankole, Sumina, Mulundu, Fwambo, Changa Mwibwe, and westwards 10 Km from the town Lwimbo rock outcrops. The paintings are associated with the Later Stone Age.

The topography of the site is generally fairly undulating and deeper soils are more frequent, whereas the central part is generally flat. The outcrops form part of the boundary of the extension of the main plateau areas. The site is also incised by abundant streams and extends over 100 Km2. More than 1000 paintings have been recorded in the rock outcrops, making Mwela Rock Paintings National Monument one of the densest concentrations of rock art sites anywhere in Africa.

How to get to Mwela rock art painting Zambia

Mwela rock art painting is located about 900 km from the capital Lusaka and travelers have to first travel to Kasama and the rock paintings are located 10 km from Kasama travelers can hire a local taxi to get to the rock paintings

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