Mafinga Hills Zambia

Mafinga Hills Zambia

The Mafinga Hills are located in the North-Eastern part of Zambia. They host the source of the Luangwa River, the largest tributary of the Zambezi River and one of the four main watersheds of the country. Over the years, the Luangwa has come under threat from anthropogenic activities such as extending agricultural activities into the fragile riparian margins and unsustainable shifting cultivation (known locally as Chitemene).

The Luangwa River and the Mafinga Hills form part of what is known as the Eastern Afromontane biodiversity hot spot. The term Afromontane refers to the plant and animal species common to the mountains of Africa. Other than being a source of the Luangwa River, the Mafinga Hills are home to a variety of endemic flora and fauna species (e.g. Nyika Dwarf Frog).

The main attraction in the Mafinga hills Zambia

Coffee growing

The Mafinga Hills in Zambia’s Northern Province are home to the country’s highest peaks, where altitude and ancient volcanic soils help produce the bright and citrusy flavour profiles that characterize this AAA/AA graded RFA certified coffee from Olam owned estates. Kateshi Estate, near the region’s capital city of Kasama, grows nearly 800 hectares of coffee above 1300 masl. Near the border with Tanzania, Isanya Estate grows 1600 hectares above 1500. Coffees from both estates are milled at the Kateshi mill and blended to create this unique coffee from the home of smoke that thunders.

How to get to Mafinga hills Zambia

The easiest way to get to Mafinga hills is via Malawi which is located 700 km from the main capital Lilongwe the accessibility from Zambia’s main capital Lusaka is aver 1000 km by road and there are no known flights to this region.

Where to stay in the Mafinga hills Zambia

Currently, there are no known properties for staying in this area and travellers are advised to travel with their own camping gear or contact Wilderness Explorers Africa for updated information about the area before travelling.

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