Kasanka Bat Migration Zambia

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Kasanka Bat Migration Zambia

This peaceful sanctuary, situated on the southwestern edge of the Lake Bangweulu basin, is one of Zambia’s smallest national parks. It’s 450 km2 however, is so well endowed with rivers, lakes, wetlands, forests, lagoons, meadows, and dambos that it supports a uniquely wide range of animals and abundant birds and fish.

Do not expect to see large herds of animals around every corner, but it is surely one of the most picturesque parks in Zambia with superb birdlife.

Visitors can also take guided walks through the forest in the daytime to view the bats as they chatter, fly and crawl about their roost. This bat migration has been the subject of intense interest from scientists who are trying to find the reason why so many colonies all assemble in this one corner of Zambia. They report that it is the largest aggregation of mammals in Africa, and probably the most concentrated in the world.

The migration is one of the spectacles in Zambia involving the migration of Millions of bats that migrate from many parts of central Africa and they roast along the Kasanka.

How to get to Kasanka for the migration

Take the Great North Road from Lusaka for 210 km and turn right just after Kapiri Mposhi and left after Serenje on the road to Samfya. Turn left at the 54km mark into the Park at the Malaushi gate.

When to witness the Kasanka bat migration Zambia

They host a unique wildlife spectacle every November and December when Millions of Straw-coloured Fruit bats assemble from around Central Africa to roost in an area of ‘Mushitu’ swamp forest near the confluence of the Musola and Kasanka Rivers.

Where can I stay during the Witness the Kasanka bat migration?

Since Kasanka National Park is one of Zambia’s lesser-known parks, accommodation options are somewhat limited, but you can still choose between options such as the luxurious Wasa Lodge, the comfortable Luwombwa Lodge, or the adventurous Shoebill Camp.

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