What are the chances of seeing mountain gorillas in Uganda?

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What are the chances of seeing mountain gorillas in Uganda?

What are the chances of seeing mountain gorillas in Uganda?

This is one of the frequently asked questions when clients are planning a gorilla safari to Uganda, first and foremost it is very important to know that mountain gorillas are wild and they live freely in the dense rainforests of Uganda, though a lot of research and monitoring is done on this gorillas they remain wild and any of their behavior has never been affected by human beings.

Mountain gorillas live in a family which is usually headed by a dominant male mountain gorilla known as a sliver back or a black back and this dominant male will control the entire movement of the family depending on the availability of food, other interactions from other males and other wildlife, in a normal circumstance gorilla cover a radius of 1 km every day.

How the trekking is done in Uganda

Mountain gorilla trekking is an authentic wildlife encounter that is carried out by expert guides and trackers so what happens on your day of gorilla trekking is that while you’re having breakfast and getting ready a team of trackers make their way into the forest and start trekking the gorillas using the previous nest, broken shrub, and fresh gorilla pour and as you start your trek between 8-9 in the morning your lead guide will communicate with the advance trackers to seek for directions and then your lead guide will lead you to the gorilla family

What are the chances of finding gorillas in Uganda? Currently, the chances of finding mountain gorillas in Uganda is 99% due to the fact that the forest is slightly smaller and can be accessed from many trails heads making it penetrable during the gorilla trekking adventure.

What happens to the 1% chance, this is a very rare incident where the trackers follow the wrong gorilla family usually a wild family whereby the trek becomes stretched, and sometimes people are so tired to continue visiting another gorilla family and in this case, usually, the park will offer you a second chance but if you’re on a tight schedule then that means your chances of seeing the mountain gorillas becomes 1% hence missing the second chance.


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