Nile perch fishing on the Nile in Jinja

Nile perch fishing on the Nile in Jinja

Nile perch fishing on the Nile in Jinja

Jinja is one of the largest adventure cities in East Africa, the area is known for the Source of the Nile as the River plunges into Lake Victoria forming some of Africa’s most dangerous rapids, however, this section of Lake Victoria has great lagoons where you can enjoy fishing for Nile Perch just Like Lake Victoria trolling is the best way of fishing in this area as the sections of the Nile are rocky and very dangerous to fish in making it easier to fish on the Lakeside.

Jinja offers both half-day and Full day guided fishing activities where anglers can try their angling skills for the famous Nile perch which is Africa’s largest freshwater fish weighing up to 114 kgs caught on the Nile by Kevin Nicolason just below the big rapids at the base of Murchison falls in Murchison Falls National park northwest of the main Capital Kampala.

Nile perch fishing in the Nile from Jinja

When to go

Jinja is all year fishing destination however during the months of April and November the area tents to receive heavy rains as it sits on the greater Lake Victoria basin and the best months sit during the dry season from June to September and from December to February when the Nile perch are active and chances of catching these magnificent giant perch are high.

Trip advice

Anglers aiming to fish in Jinja must ensure they bring their own Lures as it can be tricky to buy Lures in this area and there are heavy fines for loss of Equipment it makes it cheaper if you bring your own fishing gear and you just hire the guide and Fishing boat for the day for more expert advice on how to organize fishing safaris in Jinja call our experts on Whatsapp on the Ugandan local number displayed on the website.

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