Sipi Falls and Coffee Tour

Sipi Falls and Coffee Tour

The Sipi falls are a phenomenon to many tourists both local and foreign all year round. Regarded as one of the most romantic and amazing places in Uganda, the falls are a series of three prominent Waterfalls with the longest drops as high as 100 metres.  The  second  Waterfall  drops  75 metres  below and has  upper  cascades  before  the  plunge. The third Water fall measures 85 metres and is tall and columnar and it has a vigorous flow with mist which creates mini rainbows when the sun hits it. However, there are countless other less prominent falls nearby which make it a wonderful place to visit with your loved ones and family to spend some time together.

The Falls get their water as it flows from the slopes of Mount Elgon national park which is located in Eastern Uganda in Kapchorwa District North-East of Mbale and Sironko Districts. These Falls are situated at the edge of Mountain Elgon National Park near the Uganda-Kenya border. Sipi Falls is as well the starting point for many hikers looking to  scale Mountain Elgon and also popular for the cool weather, the ice cold water which some people describe as healing when you dive into and the Bugisu Arabica coffee plantations nearby known to be grown at altitudes of about 1600mtres above sea level.

The breath taking Waterfalls derive their name from the Sipi River which in turn was named after the local plant growing along the River banks called the “Sep”. This plant resembles a type of wild banana with translucent green fronds with a bolt of crimson red used for medicinal purposes like treating diseases like measles and fever.  Local folklore has it that British sightseers once found a lady picking wild plants in a nearby plantation and asked her the name of the falls; she thought they were asking the name of the plant so she replied “Sep”.

Things to do around Sipi Falls


Hiking is the best activity for many tourists who visit the Sipi Falls. You can select one of the numerous popular waterfall walks either a short one or a longer one as the shortest takes 15 minutes and strenuous hike can take three quarters of the day or the whole day depending on your interests. The cool breeze of the amazing Sipi Falls will offer you comfort on any walk of your choice.

-Sipi Arabica Coffee tour

Sipi Arabica Coffee plantations are also marvel for many tourists who visit and take time at Sipi Falls. These plantations are set mainly around Mountain Elgon which has volcanic soils which are fertile and perfect for this type of coffee couple with cool weather to ensure healthy coffee plants. Sipi Arabica Coffee plantations are found in the Bugisu region and you will have fun hanging out and interacting with the local people in the coffee plantation chain like the farmers, processors, exporters and roasters among others. You can take part in some activities here and even prepare and serve yourself with a cup of coffee straight from the source. The Sipi Arabica Coffee is some of the best coffee on earth and is daily winning respect World over. Appreciate the process and every cup of coffee here as you visit a local farmer to learn about his day to day work and life cycle of the coffee plants.

-Mountain Elgon Adventure

Mountain Elgon is one of the highest mountain continental and the second-largest volcanic in the World measuring about 3000metres above sea level and is imperious to the landscape. Hiking on this majestic giant can be a thrill to you as a thrill seeker.


This the Art of descending rock and slopes using a friction device attached to your harness. Abseiling descents at Sipi Falls can be organized at Chebonet Falls and are made up of 15 sport climbing routes ranging from 10-35metres and you can enjoy the descent and also have fun climbing all the way up. You always have to make sure you have a climbing helmet and other gear before.

Bird Watching

Get immersed in the beauty of the Uganda Wildlife and challenge yourself to spot as many bird species as you can. It will be both soothing and fun. This World-renowned activity can be enjoyed at the Sipi Falls.

Fly Fishing

Participate in Fly Fishing on the remote section of the Sipi River above the waterfall, and learn the art of fly fishing which requires different techniques from another kind of fishing, for example luring the fish with a “Fly”.

Pian-Upe Wildlife Reserve

Take a game as you lookout for some of Uganda wildlife viewing in the Pian-Upe Wildlife Reserve and enjoy the diversity in the countryside. This reserve has got some intriguing animals including the biggest birds known as the Ostrich.

Mountain Biking

For thrill chasers, mountain biking can be a great way to get the Sipi winds rushing through your hair. Enjoy the scenic view as you wish past with speed and enjoy the time of your life.

Nyero Rock Paintings

The Nyero rock paintings in Kumi are two hours’ drive from Sipi Falls and are some of the most historical rock art in Uganda. They are revered as a sacred place for the gods and now hold a lot of Uganda’s and even the heritage of mankind. Immerse yourself in history and tour how the ancient people used to live through their art. Marvel at their advanced and artistic way of interpreting life.

When to Visit Sipi falls in Uganda

Sipi Falls can be visited any time of the year. Uganda has got a tropical climate and this means that it is warm all year round and has no drastic changes. Sipi Falls is always cool and cooler than all the areas surrounding it and it’s a wonderful place to visit and escape the hustle and bustle of city life. As mentioned before a swim in the Sipi waters can be next to heavenly and the environment is good for meditation with its beautiful scenery which makes your stay at Sipi Falls memorable.

How to get to Sipi falls

Sipi falls is located about 300 km from the main capital Kampala and by road, the trip can take between 7-8 hours via Jinja and Mbale but the area has positioned its self as a key tourism hub for the Eastern Uganda safari route for those going to experience the culture of the Karamajong or heading to Kidepo valley national park can break the journey there before proceeding to those destinations respectively.

Where to stay at Sipi falls

 Sipi Falls has got many options of safari lodges around where you can stay and enjoy your time and relax in the cool environment. There are different categories of accommodation ranging from backpackers, budget, and mid-range and we recommend staying at Sipi river lodge and Rafiki lodge the places offer some great views of the falls and great service.

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