How many people are allowed to trek a gorilla family?

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How many people are allowed to trek a gorilla family?

How many people are allowed to trek a gorilla family?

Mountain gorillas unlike chimpanzees live in a family unit usually headed by the dominant Alpha male called the silverback or sometimes Black back gorilla, a family unit usually comprises mature Females, Babies, Sub adult males, and females and the silverbacks and the group size can range from 5-40 individuals.

Which gorilla families are available for visiting?

In the wild there are 2 species of Mountain gorillas, the habituated mountain gorillas, these gorillas are made used by human beings after 2-3 years of trackers following them and they are the ones available for trekking and there are also wild mountain gorillas which leave in the deeper part of the rain forest and they are not used to Humans.

How many people can see a gorilla family daily?

This depends on which type of gorilla permit you have obtained for the normal trek they allow up to 8 guests who are usually accompanied by porters they can be 8 if every guest takes 1 porter each, 1 Lead guide, 3 escorts armed with AK 47 riffle to protect the crew from dangerous wildlife like elephants, wild gorillas.

But if you obtain the closed group permit then you can trek the gorilla family alone or with your loved ones, this will mean that you will purchase all 8 permits available for the family for that day and that will allow you exclusive rights to trek the family without other people joining in.

How long do I have to secure my gorilla pass?

There is no other place in Africa where you can see mountain gorillas except Uganda Rwanda and the Eastern democratic republic of Congo and this has made the availability of gorilla permits limited also the fact that they are usually sold by the respective governments then it better to book your gorilla permits way in advance to avoid disappointments and we do recommend latest 6 months before travel.


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