Filming mountain gorillas in Uganda Bwindi Africa

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Filming mountain gorillas in Uganda Bwindi Africa

Filming mountain gorillas in Uganda Bwindi Africa

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is an appealing destination for filmmakers for a number of reasons, but given the sensitivity of the mountain gorillas and limited gorilla permits sold daily you will definitely need the help of local, seasoned film fixers to assist with your production needs can be beneficial, this can be from different areas of specialization ranging from scouting, logistics, crew members, expert fixers and equipment clearance We do provide help and guidance with things that can make your filming a very successful one.

Top things to consider while planning a mountain gorilla filming in Bwindi impenetrable national park

Advance planning

If you’re planning an adventure to film one of the world’s rare primates in the deep jungles of East Africa you will need to start planning this in advance as there is a long process with the permits required like media cards from Uganda media center, gorilla filming permits for exclusive gorilla families from Uganda wildlife authority and military clearance for the Equipment imported into the country like drones may not be allowed into the country but we are always committed to helping with this kind of arrangements but we will need time we can’t do this last minute.

Permission to film in a destination

Filming groups wanting to film in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park will require permission allowing you to conduct filming and shooting of mountain gorillas and some of the required permission and license may include location filming permits, press accreditation, visa, kit customs clearing and Failure to have the above may result in the denied entry, filming or your camera equipment may be confiscated or even more dramatically you may be taken to courts of law.

Costs and financing

In addition to being a visually stunning place to shoot, Bwindi impenetrable national park is a cost-effective destination as well. There is already a great deal of film infrastructure in place, and a local production fixer will be able to help you make the most of your budget throughout your shoot.

Crews, talent sourcing, and Management

Depending on the filming location in Bwindi forest some mountain gorilla trekking areas have a poor filming setup and others have a strong filming setup presence, our film production company is well placed to find directors, photographers, and other professionals, many of whom have experience working on international shoots.

Filming language translation

English is spoken fluently throughout Bwindi impenetrable national park but there may be a need for a translator. However, should you wish to have someone available to help, a film fixer can arrange this for you.

Getting to Bwindi forest filming Destinations

There are a number of international flights serving Uganda’s Entebbe international airport on a daily basis, along with plenty of domestic charter flights, Roads are well maintained, and the infrastructure comprehensive, making it easy to transport crew and equipment from location to location around the trekking points.

Where to stay during the filming of mountain gorillas in the Bwindi forest

There is a wide range of accommodation in the Bwindi area and discounts can often be offered to large groups or longer stays. Whether you prefer hotel accommodation or self-catered, one of our film fixers can help you find something suited to your taste, location, and budget, our experts will help advise on the best way to accommodate you during the Filming.

Visa Entries for Filming Crews

Visa entries into Africa are not the most straightforward process, and so having a film fixer to assist here can be particularly beneficial. Production staff tends to be divided into two groups – and Oversight Group and a Specialist Group. The Oversight Group consists of production company employees, agencies, and technical staff, while models, art actors, and directors tend to be in the Specialist Group. Whether or not you need to apply for a visa in advance will depend on which group you fall into, and whether you have a letter from the production company that will help to streamline your processing. Entry into Africa is also dependent on the country of origin, so if you need a fixer to help with these arrangements, contact us today.

Premiums during Filming

Due to the sensitivity of the mountain gorillas, you may not be allowed to spend long hours with the mountain gorillas please make an inquiry on how long you can film the mountain gorillas daily with us before planning anything further.

Tax Incentives and credits

Incentives and tax breaks are available to international productions in Africa, provided certain criteria are met more so if your shot is targeting marketing products like tourism the country upon request may have weave off on some taxes and fees as the shot will benefit the destination country.

The equipment clearance process for African filming safari

Processing filming permissions to shoot mountain gorillas in Uganda needs patience on the side of film crews since processing permissions may take some time to be acquired. Under normal circumstances, permissions may take 2-3 weeks to get; some filming permits can be obtained in 2-3 working days depending on the magnitude of your shoot. This is because most permission is issued by government agencies and bureaucracy tends to delay the process. Drone permissions may need at least 3 months in advance.

Budget to execute your shoot/ filming project

Processing permissions, conducting location scouting, booking accommodation, and hiring equipment and transport require some money. No filming project is for free. When coming to a location you are not familiar with, it may be expensive for you if you don’t know how to go about the destination so Wilderness Explorers Africa will go out of their way to make it possible for your filming budget but we advise film crew to be ready for additional expenditures during the shoot as nothing is straight forward in Africa.

Local Registered Fixer Company

You need a local fixer to assist you in organizing filming permits, scouting locations, booking accommodation and transport, visa advice and so much more. Many film crews tend to contact individuals in given locations as their local fixers. We, however, insist that is professional to contact registered fixer companies who will handle all your requirements, and if anything goes wrong, Agencies the agencies should be in a position to find solutions and a way forwards for the film crew.

Safety and travel advisories

Many international productions films in Uganda have gone without any issues whatsoever, and again, working with a local fixer can help you steer clear of troublesome spots during your stay and other necessary travel tips can be advised using a local fixer.

Many countries will provide security in form of the Army or the police for the security and safety of the crew during your shoot.


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