Visit Lake Togo

Visit Lake Togo

Lake Togo is a lagoon in the south of Togo, West Africa. It lies east of the capital, Lomé, and is separated from the Atlantic by a narrow coastal strip. On the north shore, Togoville village is known as a center for voodoo practices. Its 1910 Notre-Dame Cathedral is decorated with paintings of African saints. Nearby, the wooden Slave House, in Agbodrafo village, was used in the transatlantic slave trade.

Things to do on Lake Togo

It’s beautiful, quirky, chilled out, and full of diverse cultures. There are perfect beaches, butterfly-filled mountains, charming colonial towns, and fishing villages where voodoo is part of everyday life. Explore fetish markets, paddle a pirogue, eat yams, and get into the Togolese way of life.

The dead animals ahead of voodoo worshipping but it was no way as bad as the Fetiches market in Lome. Apparently, Togoville is the last of a dying breed when it comes to purchases made in the village, that are done by using goods instead of money. Other highlights included the welcome treaty statue, the German cathedral where a local girl was singing gospel verses, the market (closed on our visit), and the main monument consisting of a Togolese and German woman standing side by side in unity. The rest of the village is about walking around seeing goats, shrines, houses, children, and people carrying on their daily life with smiles on their faces.

How to get to Lake Togo

From Lome it’s about 45 minutes to the Le Lac Hotel where you board a canoe to take you to Togoville travelers can choose to use public transport or take a hired vehicle but those traveling with Wilderness Explorers Africa will have it all included on their safari price.


The voodoo market is harsh and traveling that may not have that ability to see the Miserable scenes at the market should not travel to the Voodoo market.

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