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Mono River Togo

The Mono River is the major river of eastern Togo. Approximately 400 km long, and draining a basin of about 20,000 km², it rises between the town of Sokodé and the border with Benin and flows south. Along the southern portion of the river towards its mouth, it forms the international boundary between Togo and Benin.

Located in the south-west of Benin and Togo, this site covers an area of 346,285 ha. Stretching across the alluvial plain and the delta and riverbank areas of the Mono River, it boasts a mosaic of landscapes and ecosystems consisting mainly of mangroves, savannah, lagoons, floodplains, and forests, including sacred forests. The area covered by the reserve is home to nearly 2 million people and the main activities are small-scale agriculture (oil palm and coconut palms), pasture, forestry, and fishing.

Also recognized by the Ramsar Convention on Wetland Conservation, the Mono river delta on the border between Benin and Togo is home to many different species, some of which are critically endangered. The diverse landscape includes rivers, lakes, wetlands, savannahs, gallery forests, mangroves, and beaches, and it provides a habitat for hippopotamuses, manatees, whales, red-bellied monkeys, as well as many varieties of waterfowls.

The Biosphere Reserve also has various species that are endemic to the Dahomey Gap, such as the white-throated guenon, and critically endangered ones, like the hawksbill sea turtle.

How to get to Mono River Togo

Mono River which is located near the eastern border of Togo with Benin is about 2oo kilometers from the capital Lome and Using a 4×4 safari vehicle travelers can drive there or access the River from Neighbouring Benin.

Where to stay along Mono River Togo

Camping along the river is the best way to explore Mono River and birding here can be exceptional and boat expeditions are also available to see where the river pours its water into the Atlantic Ocean.

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