Lome Grand Market Togo

Lome Grand Market Togo

Lomé Grand Market is a large market place in the city of Lomé, the capital of Togo. Located near Lomé Cathedral near the city center, the market often has live African music by local performers.

This is the biggest market in Togo where you can have all sorts of goods: foods, fabrics, jewelry, and electronics!

My favorite part is the artisan’s corners where you can have all sorts of crafting! But you have to be very good are bargaining to have a fair price!

Lots of traders come From Ghana to get the local fabrics!

It is in this market as well that you have the biggest Wood in fabrics stores!

Other places to visit on our tour include

Palaise de Lome Togo

Togo has opened its first major contemporary art and culture center. Palais de Lomé, housed in a restored colonial-era palace, is the only contemporary art center in Africa to be fully financed by the state.

Togo National Museum

Togo National Museum is the national museum of Togo. It is located in the capital of Lomé. Founded in 1975, it presents cultural and historical exhibits.

Togo National Museum is the national museum of Togo. It is located in the capital of Lomé. It houses ethnographical, cultural, and artistic exhibits. It is located in the Congress Palace near Independence Square, opposite the hotel of February.

Independence monument Lome Togo

The independence Monument Lome was built as a tribute to Togo’s independence from France on April 27, 1960. The structure is composed of a human silhouette carved within it and surrounded by promenades, palm trees, manicured lawns, fountains, and a black gold iron fence.

International Museum of Gulf of Guinea Togo

This small museum is a private concern run by the Swiss owner, Rene David. The museum is set in a part of a beautiful house and is an oasis of calm and tranquility in Lome. Spread over a number of rooms and the lovely garden, the museum holds a large collection of, primarily, statues, sculptures, carvings, and pottery.

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