Kpime Waterfalls Togo

Kpime Waterfalls Togo

Are you in Togo and fancy nature? Are you looking for a preserved, green, refreshing place? Look no further, we have what you need! La Cascade Verte welcomes you to Gbaledze.

Halfway between Kpalimé and Atakpamé, stop at Kpélé Tsavié at the information panels of the Cascade Verte. Ask Mr. Abi, he will contact a guide who will welcome you and show you the way to this impressive waterfall.

This trail, built-in 2013 by CIR Togo, is in very good condition.

The volunteers did a titanic job, installing stairs, ropes, and moving rocks for your comfort and enjoyment.

After a pleasant hike of an hour, you will reach the first small pool. Cross it and discover a cool rest area, in the shade of the trees, ideal for enjoying a good picnic or for a nap.

Climbing the path from this landscaped area will take you to the second pool, which is deeper, ideal for swimming, and awe-inspiring with the power of its waterfall.

Do not hesitate to explore the cave on the way: it overlooks the territory of Gbaledze and guarantees you an exceptional view of the valley.

How to get to Kpime waterfalls

Kpélé Tsavié has located about 90 km from the main capital Lome and travelers wanting to discover the wonders of the Cascade de Kpime can drive there using a 4×4 safari vehicle, you will need to ensure you have proper hiking shoes as there are a couple of steers to hike, enough drinking water and a rain jacket are all essential during your visit to the waterfalls.

Ensure you travel with a local Driver if you’re not on our tailor-made safari vacation to Togo however if you traveling with Wilderness Explorers Africa all travel information will be provided upon booking your safari with the US.

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