Hiking Mount Agou Togo

Hiking Mount Agou Togo

Mount Agou is the highest mountain in Togo at 986 meters. Near the Ghana border, it lies to the southeast of Kpalimé in the Plateaux Region of Togo. Mount Agou is part of an extreme western outlier of the Atakora Mountains of adjacent Benin. Its summit is topped by an antenna.

Mount Agou with its near 1000m peak is the highest mountain in Togo with Beautiful villages, friendly people, and a nice short trek.

At 986 meters Mt. Agou is not a huge mountain, but it is the highest in Togo and in the Atakora Mountains which range from Ghana to Benin. Mt. Agou is a monadnock, an isolated mountain that rises abruptly from relatively flat terrain. It is a beautiful, relatively short hike that is appropriate for anyone in reasonable condition. There are good views from the summit, but the highlight for me was the trail itself. It had a wonderful duality of natural beauty and cultural charm. I had trouble getting good information about this climb before doing it, so I thought I would write this review with the hope that it might make it easier for others to enjoy this adventure.

The “official” trailhead is about a 2-hour drive from Lome on the road toward Kpalime. About 15 km before reaching Kpalime, there is a road on your right with a sign indicating that it leads to Mt. Agou. The “official” trailhead is about 1 km up this road on your left-hand side and is called Akumawa. There are park officials here. This being said, the road goes all the way to the summit – so people who do not wish to climb the entire 3 miles (one way) to the summit, can opt to drive higher and start at any of the multiple places where the “trail” crosses the road.

Best time of year

This trail can be climbed year-round. October through January is the driest, hottest months. The rainy season is July and August, but the temperatures are cooler.

What to bring

  • Good walking shoes
  • Sun protection – lotion, hat with a brim, sunglasses. Also, consider a long-sleeved.
  • lightweight shirt.
  • Raincoat
  • Water + snacks
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