Rumanyika-Karagwe National Park Tanzania

Rumanyika-Karagwe National Park Tanzania

The Rumanyika-Karagwe National Park is a newly converted park established in 2019 and is one of the most important destinations of the Tanzania Safari Tours. The park boasts of a natural forest that awards the beauty it deserves. The park has large groups of diverse wild animals- carnivores, herbivores, Omnivores, and birds. Here the temperature ranges anything between 130 C to 410 C depending on the area elevation. And monsoon seasons are from January to April. This time is ideal for birdlife watchers although accessibility through most of the roads becomes impossible because of heavy rains.

The wildlife available in these national parks includes lions, leopards, elephants, hippopotamus, giraffes, buffalos, and antelopes, among others. These are the best tourist attractions to provide Rumanyika Karagwe National Park Safari in a great way. The new developments in this region including infrastructural and tourist activities have made this national park a thriving place and a great destination for wildlife lovers. For the bird-watching enthusiasts and also those who love exploring new destinations, we highly recommend adding Rumanyika Karagwe National Park into your Tanzania Safari Tours to make the best out of it.

Size of Rumanyika-Karagwe National Park

Originally a Game Reserve of 800 sq. km Rumanyika-Karagwe was gazetted as a National Park in July 2019, its area had shrunk to 247 sq. km due to human encroachment, but it is still a beautiful area with great potential for photographic tourism.

Location of Rumanyika-Karagwe National Park

Located in the Kagera region Rumanyika Karagwe National Park Location is close to the Lake Victoria zone in Kagera Region, North West of Tanzania. The Karagwe region is a land of many wonders, holding an unparalleled diversity of fauna, flora, and many natural features. The wonders include rocks, scenery, and topography that harbor the growth of excellent cultural tourism, game hunting, historical buildings, and archaeological ventures as well as wildlife photographic safaris.

How to get to Rumanyika-Karagwe National Park

There are airports at Chato and Bukoba from which light aircraft can fly From Bukoba to Murongo and you can drive using a 4×4 safari car to the park or you can access the park through Uganda at the Murongo border.

Things to do in Rumanyika-Karagwe National Park

Hunting is the most popular activity of the Rumanyika Karagwe National Park. People from all over the world come for this amazing Tanzania Safari Tourism this park. Also, Bird watching is another amazing activity in the park. Between, June to August is the best time for enjoying Wildflowers and Butterflies, after this from December to February is the time for birds’ migration. You must definitely try the Rumanyika Karagwe National Park Safari as it is the most fulfilling tour.

When to visit Rumanyika-Karagwe National Park

June to August is the best time for enjoying Wildflowers and Butterflies, after this from December to February is the time for birds’ migration.

Where to stay in Rumanyika-Karagwe National Park

Rumanyika Game Lodge is a new lodge that has been established in the area and travelers can stay there while visiting Rumanyika Karagwe national park.


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