Rubondo Island National Park Tanzania

Rubondo Island National Park Tanzania

The park boasts of its rich and diverse variety of butterflies and birdlife, easily viewable from the lakeshore. The rare Sitatunga, an extremely endangered amphibious antelope, can sometimes be viewed escaping from the charging predators by hiding and camouflaging itself in the lakeshore marshes.

A visit to Rubondo Island National Park offers visitors a break from game viewing in the tranquil peace of a lakeshore setting. Exploring the islands within the park creates excitement for day trips. Fishing expeditions into Lake Victoria are easily arranged through the major lodges. Rubondo Island National Park is a relaxation from the rigorous safari circuit and a relaxing place from which to explore Lake Victoria.

Size of Rubondo Island National Park Tanzania

The island protects another 11 islets, none much larger than 2 km2. These 10 islands form the Rubondo Island National Park covering an area of 456.8 km2 (176.4 sq mi).

Location of Rubondo National Park Tanzania

Rubondo Island National park is tucked in a corner of Lake Victoria, the world’s second-largest lake, an inland sea sprawling  Size 240 sq km (about 150 sq miles)  Location Northwest Tanzania, 150 km (about 95 miles) west of Mwanza.

Things to do in Rubondo National Park

Rubondo Island National Park is one of two Tanzanian National Parks located on an island in Lake Victoria. The island attracts a small number of visitors each year, mainly game fishermen and bird enthusiasts

Fishing safaris

Rubondo Island is one of the hot spots for fishing for Nile perch on Lake Victoria, trolling with Lures will give you great opportunities to catch the fresh waters largest fish.

Bird Watching

A variety of water birds, Eurasian migrants, and introduced African grey parrots Open-billed and marabou storks are commonly sighted on the shores along with cormorants, darters, and white egrets. Rubondo also seems to have a very high concentration of fish eagles.

Birds Islands”, breeding sit for waterbirds

The high density of African fish eagles distinctly see

Walking Safaris

Rangers required Can be arranged in advance through Park Office (See park fees), visitors are advised to carry some dry stuff while going for long walks.

Magnificent view of one of the last remaining representatives of evergreen dense primary lowland Congolese forest with a unique habitat mosaic in the midst of high biodiversity value

Beach Holidays

Beautiful and attractive beaches such as Fly catcher, Mchangani and Michicoco

Boat cruise

The Lake Victoria forming a spectacular sight for visitors with the deepest point in the lake (Irumo) forming part of the park Clear sightings of both sunrise and sunset important gulfs of Irumo and Kamea.

Cultural excursions

Cultural sites such as “Ntungamirwe”, “Maji Matakatifu”, “Altare” and “Solo” explain the life of natives who once stayed in the park

When to visit Rubondo Island National Park

Rubondo Island National Park is less visited than other national parks in Tanzania, you generally find very few visitors in the park year-round, even during the peak period from July through February.

Where to stay in Rubondo Island National Park

Rubondo island camp is our recommended safari lodge in Rubondo island national park for travelers who are looking to take their great holiday to the Tanzanian island national park

Important information about Rubondo island national park

Bandas: Located about two kilometers from the Park headquarters with 1 unit of well-maintained Unipart with triple beds inside/self-contained and 5 double bedrooms all self-contained with hot shower service Maximum capacity 13 pax per night.

Rest House: Owned by TANAPA and located about two kilometers from Park headquarters with 2 singles, 1 triple bedroom, and 1 double bed sized room all being self-contained with TV and hot shower. Maximum/full capacity is 7 pax per night.

Resting shelters: Four resting shelter located at Bandas facing a magnificent view of the lake where visitors rest while enjoying the lake breeze during the day.

Dining and Kitchen: A well maintained and fully equipped facility comprising of dining and kitchen owned by the park, all visitors are advised to bring in some foodstuffs while the park provides kitchen and dining facilities. Note that, the place is self-catering.

Campfire: The dining/kitchen facility faces a fireplace where a fire is normally lit for visitors to stay nearby during evening times while enjoying their barbecue and drinks.

Shop: One shop owned by TANAPA Rubondo staff located at Park headquarters which sells some household items and beverages for both staff and visitor uses.

Public Campsites: Mlaga campsite which can accommodate up to 30 persons one per night. (Not operating currently)

Picnic Sites: Four picnic sites two of which are located at Maji Matakatifu, one at Pongo viewpoint, and one at Mamba trail, all face a spectacular view of the lake at different sights which together bring the aesthetic value of the park thus adding to visitors satisfaction.

Activities to do in park

Nile perch fishing safaris in Rubondo island national park
Birding tours in Rubondo island national park
Walking safaris in Rubondo island national park
Luxury beach and honey moon holidays
Boat Cruise on Lake Victoria
Cultural visits in Rubondo island national park


How to get to Rubondo island national park


5 Days Rubondo island national park safari
6 Days Luxury Rubondo island safari
7 Days beach and sport fishing safari


Best time to visit Rubondo island  national park


Rubondo island Camp
TANAPA Rubondo island budget camp


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