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Kondoa Irangi rock paintings Tanzania

in July 2006, UNESCO declared the rock paintings of Kondoa as a World Heritage, rock painting site and Mongomi wa Kolo sites suggested an age range of 3,500 … Her clients come from Arusha, Dodoma, Kondoa town, and the neighboring areas report on certain sites of archaeological interest in Kondoa Irangi district.

The Kondoa Irangi Rock Paintings are a series of ancient paintings on rock shelter walls in central Tanzania. The Kondoa region was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2006 because of its impressive collection of rock art. These sites were named national monuments in 1937 by the Tanzania Antiquities Department.

In the early 1950’s archaeologists and anthropologists, Louis and Mary Leakey conducted a survey of some 100 sites and in 1983 Mary released a book highlighting the beautiful art they found there. However, still, only a handful of people have seen it.

The paintings, estimated to be over 1500 years old, are said to have been done by a group of hunter-gatherers belonging to the Sandawe tribe. The Sandawe people still live in Tanzania and are the last true hunter-gatherers. Red and white and occasionally black and brown colors have been used to depict people and wild animals. The material used was most probably plant-based oils and animal fat. Red pigments are generally iron oxide; however, but some could have used animal blood.

Humans (mostly groups) are depicted dancing, walking, hunting, or sitting around. Giraffes and elands occur most often, while elephants, kudus, wild dogs, and hyenas can also be seen. The collection of paintings portrays how these hunter-gatherers lived and also how they evolved to agro-pastoralists.

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The Kondoa Irangi Rock Paintings are a series of ancient paintings on rock shelter walls in .with hunter-gatherers, not only in Kondoa but also throughout the Singida, Mara, Arusha, and Manyara regions of Tanzania. Estimates for the number of decorated rock shelters in the region range between 150 and 450. Traveling by road is the best way and the rock painting is located 250 kilometers from the famous Arusha tourism Hub.


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