Kaole ruins Bagamoyo Tanzania

Kaole ruins Bagamoyo Tanzania

Bagamoyo, Tanzania, is a town founded at the end of the 18th century, though it is an extension of a much older settlement, Kaole. It was the capital of German East Africa and was one of the most important trading ports along the East African coast along the west of the Indian Ocean.

The kaole ruins is a site that holds the remains of the first settlement of the Arab foreigners in Bagamoyo as well as an archaeological remains excavation site. Some of the structures at the site include houses, mosques, water wells, and graves of the foreigners that died there.

The Kaole ruins are located in the south-eastern outskirts of the small town of Bagamoyo, in an area (ward) known as Kaole. The compound also sits right next to the Indian Ocean but its shore is filled with mangrove trees that block access to the open waters.

How to get to Bagamoyo

First of all you’ll need to get to Bagamoyo town center, with road transport being the only available option for this, especially if you are new to the area as the state-run ferry from Dar es Salaam has a limited schedule and drops you well outside the town. From the town center, head southeast on a road that for most of its way runs close to the ocean, with the first two or so kilometers being tarmac paved and the rest being a dirt road. The ruins can be found past a small village, taking the road on your left after passing it (the village).

When to visit Bagamoyo

Any time of the day but morning hours are perfect for the experience

Where to stay in Bagamoyo Based on our traveler data Millennium Sea Breeze Resort is one of the top choices for your stay. This 3-star resort offers a restaurant and an outdoor pool. Other good options for your stay include Bomani Beach Bungalows and Bagamoyo Gold Accommodation.


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How to get to Kaole ruins Bagamoyo


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