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Dar es Salaam City Tour Tanzania

Dar es Salaam, meaning The Haven of Peace in Arabic, has one of the best deep natural harbors in the world. From a small Swahili town in the middle of the 19th century, Dar es Salaam has grown into a large metropolitan center with a population of over 3.5 dwellers. The city population represents the over 120 tribes of Tanzania with their different cultural backgrounds coming together, alongside the oriental civilizations from the far and middle east, and the Europeans including early Portuguese visitors in the 16th Century, the Germans, and later the British.

Places to visit on Dar es Salaam city tour Tanzania

Kivukoni fish market

Our first stop will be to visit kivukoni fish market. Many varieties of fish in every shape and size are sold here, both retail and wholesale, to city dwellers, restaurateurs, and people from outside the city who know kivukoni fish market is the best place to buy fish in Tanzania.

Botanical gardens and karimjee hall

After leaving kivukoni fish market you’ll see the ocean road hospital and the statehouse. You will have a chance to visit the nearby botanical gardens which were established a hundred years ago by Germans. Opposite the garden is karimjee hall and you‘ll be able to see the fantastic architecture while your guide explains the history behind the building.

Karimjee Hall to the national museum

Next, you’ll visit the national museum, home to many historical treasures with a wide variety of exhibits including archaeological findings, rock paintings, ancient footprints, the remains of the first humans, and more.

National museum to mwenge carvers market

The mwenge carvers market is made up of small shops with stands displaying carvings of different kinds, traditional dresses, the tinga tinga paints, and more. You’ll be able to browse the stalls, chat with the carvers, and buy souvenirs if you wish.

Mwenge carvers market to makumbusho village

After that you’ll visit the makumbusho village museum which is more interactive than the national museum, allowing you to get a feel for the whole of Tanzania in a very short time.

Makumbusho village to kariakoo market

Kariakoo is the busiest and most exciting market in Dar es Salaam so you’ll be able to enjoy an authentic Tanzanian shopping experience here.

Kariakoo to mnazi mmoja

Mnazi mmoja is another exciting, vibrant place to visit with strong historical significance. You’ll be able to see the Uhuru torch which was placed here in 1961 to celebrate Tanzania’s independence from Germany.

Mnazi mmoja to peacock hotel

Lunch will be at the peacock hotel where you can experience authentic Tanzanian hospitality and food. After lunch, you’ll visit the clock tower and see St. Joseph’s cathedral which was built hundreds of years ago in the gothic style.

St. Joseph’s cathedral to the viewpoint

You’ll visit Samora Avenue to see and learn about the historical askari monument. Then you’ll visit the beautiful old Azania front Lutheran church and take in the views of dar es salaam harbor view from the roof.


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