Visit the Remote Turtle Islands

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Visit the Remote Turtle Islands

This was probably my favorite place to visit in the whole of Sierra Leone, mainly due to the sheer remoteness of the destination. The islands are almost completely untouched by tourism.

Turtle Islands are an exciting destination in Sierra Leone. Isolated islands, coconut trees, surreal sand bars, in one of the few truly remote places left in the world. Apart from the natural beauty and the serenity of the place, visitors will meet the culture of societies with minimal contact with the western world. An excursion to Turtle Islands will reveal the beauty and the secrets of this forgotten destination. If a guest has the opportunity to get to the Turtle Islands during his holidays it is guaranteed that this trip will be on the top of the list of his sightseeing.

Transportation to Turtle Islands Sierra Leone is the first challenge one may face as this is a remote and inaccessible destination even by West African standards. Getting to Turtle islands will require a long journey on the sea and it is imperative that the operator is well prepared and experienced for that undertaking. There is no public transport for Turtle Islands and local fishing boats lack the safety standards for long sea trips.

Turtle Islands Expeditions offers a day trip that focuses on the safety, but also on the comfort (trained staff, fishing gear, food, bottled water, etc.,) of an excursion in such a remote area. Conveniently located halfway between Freetown and Turtle Islands, the boat travel/fuel is reduced significantly to offer an uncompromised experience at an affordable cost. A boat specially designed for transportation to Turtle Islands can make the trip in less than 3 hours allowing more time to explore.

Apart from the transportation to the islands, the excursions include tours to several of the Turtle Islands as well as recreational activities such as fishing, swimming, snorkeling, etc.

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