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Freetown Keke Tour Sierra Leone

Many travelers would wonder what a Keke is but in simple terms a Keke is an advanced form of a motorcycle that has two rear tyres and a shade and it’s a common means of transport in west African countries, the Keke is the best way of doing city tours in free town and its one of the exceptional ways of supporting the community people directly, the lodges have trusted Keke riders who will take you to places as you visit most of the historical sites in Sierra Leone’s Freetown.

Due to the slave trade, the country was left with other than huge historical background and while visiting Sierra Leone don’t miss the Keke Tour.

Some people will tell you there are no sights to see in Freetown but there are in fact a good number of interesting and beautiful spots. Keke Tour does a great job of introducing you to the city in a comfortable, safe, and informative way.

Hotels will arrange to pick up at the hotel with trusted Keke guides. The ride is comfortable and feels safe, so if you have never been in a Keke, it’s a good setup. On weekends there is less traffic, so I would recommend that you try the expedition on weekends you have a great view from inside the Keke and it is ideal for city sightseeing.

The tour is very interesting and informative; you see most of the highlights, including Lumley BeachHill stationthe WW1 cemeterythe cotton tree, and go up some hills for a beautiful view of Freetown.

We would highly recommend this tour for everyone, except for families with small children. You get a great feel for the city and I am glad I went early during my trip to Sierra Leone as it really set the scene for my time here.

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