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Freetown City Tours Sierra Leone

Not comparable to main cities in Africa, Freetown is a fun town for travelers who want to discover history and culture, being a slave state for, many years Sierra Leone is one of the top destinations when it comes to the diversity of cultures and this little town will blow your mind.

Accompanied by one of our guides, you will visit sites such as the St Georges Cathedral, National Museum, maroon church, Martello tower, the cotton tree, National railway museum, and Fort Thornton (where the Presidential State House now stands). You will also be able to do some souvenir shopping at the popular big market Get ready for a hectic but satisfying day! This can be done as a walking tour or with a vehicle and driver. The price quoted is based on a walking tour with a guide only.

You’re most likely to start or end your trip in Freetown, especially if flying in, so you should definitely check out this cool, pretty, and interesting city.

The city got its name because it was one of the places that many slaves were rehomed at the end of the slave trade. This included those coming back from Europe and the Americas as well as those who were rescued from slave ships coming from elsewhere.

Because of this, Sierra Leone is very ethnically diverse, with a number of different tribes and influences from many other parts of Africa.

You can go around the city on your own, no problem, but we would highly recommend taking a guided tour of the main sights, to help you understand the complex history of the city and country.

Freetown is pretty safe, however, as always; you should be vigilant in the city, especially at night.

Places to visit include:

The Big Market

Here you’ll find a mix of things to buy, from everyday items to fabric, jewelry, local crafts, black soap, and antique masks. Barter like crazy – the stall owners are lovely and friendly, but at the end of the day, if you’re a tourist so you’ll get higher prices.

Cotton Tree

This ancient tree is one of Freetown’s most important landmarks.

St George’s Cathedral

Built-in 1817 to commemorate sailors lost at sea. We were fortunate to hear the choir practicing when we were there.

Sierra Leone National Museum

Located next to the Cotton Tree, the Sierra Leone National Museum was a good place to visit to get an insight into the history, tribes, and cultures of Sierra Leone.

Lumley Beach

This is a vibrant stretch of beach in the city, where you’ll find a mix of locals, ex-pats, and some tourists too. A great place for people-watching with a lot of the bars and restaurants are located along this stretch. Roy’s is a popular spot for sundowners and dinner.

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